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iShik app review: familiarize yourself with Jewish customs



Are you interested in learning more about Jewish customs and holidays? We've got a simple way to do it and that's with the iShik app. This app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a look at the basics. Perhaps you have a friend who is Jewish, maybe you would like to learn more about it yourself; it doesn’t matter what the reason is, you will definitely be able to gain a lot from the app.

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Get Educated

Here's your chance to get educated when it comes to Jewish holidays and customs. There is no reason you can't learn in a simple and engaging manner that makes things easy to understand and remember. The app doesn't just give you information and tips on these holidays and customs it can also give you reminders so days don't go by unnoticed. This is a way to get around importing a whole Jewish calendar into your device instead you'll find everything in one spot within the app. This brand new release has been termed a productivity app but I think it could just as easily be called a reference tool.

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The app doesn't currently have any customer ratings, but I'm sure this is because it's still quite new. There are comments on the app however that are extremely positive. It seems as though this app is offering a lot of help for users that are unfamiliar with Jewish celebrations but have an interest in learning more. There are complimentary comments about the design and the way the information is presented.


Enjoy the sleek and modern user interface
Enjoy the sleek and modern user interface

The User Experience

Of course half of the app experience relates to how the app itself performs. The content is only helpful if it’s easy to access and use. I have to say this app comes across extremely professional, sleek, and very user-friendly. Right from the get go when you launch it the photos are gorgeous, the lay-out is convenient, and all the information loads extremely fast. As far as first impressions go you can’t get much better than this.

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Tap on any of the holidays or customs to read about what it is, what the common practices are to celebrate, and what not to do. You can then mark it for a reminder and choose to be reminded seven days or one day before the holiday/custom. You can even set up the app to remind you to wish a particular contact of yours greetings on that day.


Set up a reminder
Set up a reminder



Pros and Cons


  • A beautiful user interface
  • Thorough but brief descriptions of the custom or holiday
  • Do’s and don’ts on that day
  • Set up the app to remind you of the upcoming holiday



  • It would be great if there were a few more features and tools to add to this app even more


Read the do's and dont's of Jewish holiday
Read the do's and dont's of Jewish holiday

Final Words

The iShik app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is a wonderful and easy way to learn about various Jewish holidays and customs.



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