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StubHub - Sports, Theatre and Concert Tickets for Upcoming Games and Events app review 2021



StubHub concert app for iPad and iPhone takes all your event tickets and places them in one easy-to-view location on your iDevice.

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This ticket booking app for iPhone is easy to use, has bright colors, and is available in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Within those countries there are several large cities to choose from to plan your free time accordingly.

Learn how to book tickets for upcoming concerts, keep track of events you want to go to and so much more. Let's see if this is one of the best concert tickets apps

StubHub: Event Tickets


Sports, Concerts, Theaters, Venues

StubHub - Sports, Theater and Concert Tickets for Upcoming Games and Events is a great little app for finding things to do when you travel to a major metropolis.

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Smaller cities are not included in the venues. Some examples of cities include New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh in the United States, and Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver in Canada.

StubHub - Sports, Theater and Concert Tickets for Upcoming Games and Events was made to be a more high end event app when compared to an app like Eventbrite. While Eventbrite does have high-end events as well, it also includes many more small community events that are free for the public.

I would encourage StubHub to look into expanding its current city list to include smaller cities, as it currently is presented, I will not be keeping it on my device when Eventbrite can provide me with what I need more efficiently.

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Smooth Interface

StubHub - Sports, Theater and Concert Tickets for Upcoming Games and Events has a very smooth interface with a scrolling menu at the top of the main event page detailing highlighted events. Below you can scroll through other events to see if there is anything going on that you would like to attend.

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As stated above, the city options are limited, and the tickets are for more high end events, as such, I used New York City as my sample and chose The Lion King to indicate tickets.

Selecting the event, number of tickets, and beginning the checkout process was very smooth and simple. I appreciate the thought that went into this development.

Smooth Interface image

StubHub: Event Tickets


Pros & Cons


  • Smooth interface for easy viewing and selecting of events
  • High-end events are easy to find
  • Useful for travel to large cities


  • Limited to large cities versus Eventbrite having more small city options
  • High-end events only means that the general population will not get much use out of it unless traveling

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Final Thoughts

StubHub - Sports, Theater and Concert Tickets for Upcoming Games and Events is a well-developed app with a smooth interface and a great start. I would like to see the app developed further prior to recommending it to anyone who is not in a large city or traveling.

StubHub: Event Tickets

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