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InstaPDF app review: scan and access your documents



If you find yourself working from home or on the road then you need a business tool that can ensure you stay productive no matter where you are. The InstaPDF app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to scan and access your documents. There’s no need to be in front of your desk just to perform the tasks you need to do. This scanners app boasts a user-friendly design and acts as a portable scanner that offers instant syncing as well as other handy features.

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InstaPDF: One Tap Scanning. Zero Effort Management.


Your Mobile Scanning Solution

Think of this app as your mobile scanning solution so that you can do what you need to do while on the go. It transforms your mobile device into a scanner so you can quickly create a PDF and sync it. The app can easily scan multi-page documents in just seconds and give the user a live-preview filter. What's cool is that because it instantly syncs across all your devices you won't have to email it to yourself or save it on each one individually. This saves you time and hassle.

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The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and currently has an impressive customer rating of four out of five stars. In its most recent update the PDF viewer was added, minor bug fixes made, enhancements to the user interface, and now you can add a signature to your document.

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The User Experience

Here you can expect to have a very smooth user experience that is highlighted by the speed at which this app works. There is no lag time while scanning; as mentioned, you can scan multi-page documents in just a few seconds. This allows you to quickly perform the scan and get back to what you were doing. If you need to add a signature to your document this is also possible. You can actually store signatures locally and there is no limit as to how many you store.

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Besides being able to sync the document to all your devices you can also manage them and view them. Sharing the document is easy because you can send your recipient a private link or import the document into another app. There are also some basic editing functions so you can scan exactly what you want instead of a whole bunch of information that isn't necessary.

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InstaPDF: One Tap Scanning. Zero Effort Management.


Pros and Cons


  • Scan and access all your documents on the go
  • Create a multi-page PDF scan in just seconds
  • Scans are synced across all your devices instantly
  • Basic editing features so you can scan just what you want
  • The ability to import the scan into other apps or share it by a private link


  • Some users have encountered minor bugs, which appear to have been fixed in the most recent update

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Final Thoughts

The InstaPDF document scanner for iPad and iPhone can be used as a way to scan documents and quickly create PDF documents on the go.

InstaPDF: One Tap Scanning. Zero Effort Management.

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