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Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad app review



Most of us dread the sound of the alarm clock going off in the morning so how would you like to wake up in a more serene and beautiful way? The Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad will wake you up slowly and softly rather than a jarring buzzer in your ear. With this alarm clock you'll be able to enjoy the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl as you choose between six different bells. The bells will sound very softly and gently at first and progress in volume and frequency as you become more awake.

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Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad


Wake Feeling Refreshed

When you are awaken quickly and harshly it seems to set your whole morning off to a bad start. With the Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad you will be waking up slowly and allowing that chance to readjust. This can greatly improve the mood you are in which then spills over into your whole day. As mentioned there are six different bells to choose from that range from deep and complex to bright and clean. Go ahead and experiment with them all. There are also give pre-defined patterns which set the escalation length and bell schedule. You have the ability to customize the alarm clock app by editing the patterns and creating your very own schedule.

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The app has recently had a number of improvements and enhancements made to it and scores four out of five stars from users. Users love that it wakes you in a gentle way which seems to make it easier to get out of bed.

Pick your alarm pattern and sound
Pick your alarm pattern and sound

The User Experience

There are a number of features worth noting here such as the fact the app will run in the background after you set the alarm. This means you can go ahead and do other things on your iPad and know the alarm will still work on time. You can lock your iPad's screen to save your battery and the alarm will still work. When you do wake up there is a spot to add notes in a journal, this is great for those who want to be able to keep track of their dreams.

Set one of your own photos as the wake up image if you'd like and it will fade as the alarm pattern builds. Go ahead and hide the time display until you tap on the screen. As you can tell there is a wide range of practical and user-friendly tools.

Easily set your alarm
Easily set your alarm

Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • A beautiful user interface
  • Customize the background image and the waking sounds and patterns
  • The app is very easy to use and set the alarm
  • Wake up in a slow and progressive manner rather than a loud and jolting buzzer sound
  • The app is able to work in the background


  • There is no way to use your own music as an "alarm"

Progressive Alarm Clock screenshot
Progressive Alarm Clock screenshot

Final Words

The Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad app makes it possible for the user to wake up slowly and peacefully something that isn’t usually the case with an alarm clock. This is a beautiful and user-friendly offering well worth checking out.


Progressive Alarm Clock for iPad

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