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Pregnancy Calendar app review: for easy planning



Having a child is hardly the most relaxing thing in the world so Pregnancy Calendar for iPhone and iPad has been designed to help you plan and strategize the entire experience, covering everything from the duration of your pregnancy to your labor, delivery, and beyond.

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The scope of this app is definitely going to prove invaluable for a lot of you parents-to-be out there who are feeling stressed at the countless variables associated with conception, pregnancy, and delivery. I would definitely recommend taking it for a spin before you need it so you know what to expect.

The only thing I would say to the contrary is that it is highly overpriced, so be sure to compare it with a few comparable developments before making your purchase.

Pregnancy Calendar


Easily Track Your Pregnancy

What we’ve got here is a great little iOS app that has been designed to make it easy for you to plan and track every aspect of your pregnancy, monitoring your weight, temperature, exercise, and loads of other factors.

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You can also log your food intake to ensure your nutrition is where it ought to be, and most sections of this pregnancy tracker app allow you to add your own custom notes for even more concise record-keeping throughout your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Calendar create a birth plan
Pregnancy Calendar create a birth plan

Labor and Delivery Taken Care Of

Pregnancy Calendar provides a few different visual formats within which to view your inputted data, giving you the option to choose between List, Calendar, and Chart views depending on which suits you best.

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I’d say the defining feature of this app is the Baby Plan section which you can use to effectively plan out your labor, delivery, and more; giving birth is already stressful enough to take out the guesswork and make your life a little easier!


Pregnancy Calendar manage your pregnancy
Pregnancy Calendar manage your pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar


Pros & Cons


  • Easily plan and track every aspect of your pregnancy
  • Monitor your weight, temperature, exercise, and much more
  • Log your food intake to ensure your nutrition is where it should be
  • Choose between List, Calendar, and Chart views for various pieces of information
  • The Baby Plan section helps you to adequately plan out your labor, delivery, and more
  • Keep track of your baby’s kicks in the morning and evening
  • Add your own custom notes for more concise recordkeeping
  • Share your entries with others online via email
  • Securely back up your records to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi transfer
  • Easily synchronize your records across multiple iOS devices


  • Given the limited functionality and overall scope of this app it really does seem to be obscenely overpriced, and I’m clearly not the only person who things so: “I've had this app since finding out I was pregnant, and after 9 mos I can say for certain it's NOT WORTH the money! This is basically a glorified calendar and I was constantly disappointed when the advertised features didn't work as promised. I wouldn't recommend spending anything on this app.”
  • “I want my money back! I can't believe I just paid $10 for what is essentially a calendar!!! I was especially excited for the weight tracker but you can only view the weight in one month - I was expecting to be able to see the progress as a whole (view several months at one time). I would expect more for the price - there's nothing to guide you along your way, I.e. you can't enter your height and weight at the start of pregnancy to see if the weight gain is even on track or not. You have to know this all for yourself - what you have here is just a place to record numbers.”


Pregnancy Calendar poorly received
Pregnancy Calendar poorly received

Final Words

As we’ve seen above, Pregnancy Calendar is a very expensive iPhone and iPad app, so while everything runs well based on my experiences, I would definitely like to reiterate that you should look at a few other options before you make your final decision.


Pregnancy Calendar

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