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EcccoNote Pro for iPad app review



EcccoNote Pro for iPad is a powerful voice recording utility for your iOS tablet that enables you to record some very high-quality audio clips with full editing and appending capabilities, ideal for dictation and loads of other purposes.

The best iPhone apps for note-taking

This is easily one of, if not the best voice recorder app for iPad that I’ve seen in the Productivity category of the App Store, and I think you’ll find it more than up to the task regardless of whether you’re using it in an educational or professional context.

EcccoNote Pro for iPad



This is a fantastic voice recorder app for iPad that you can use at college to record lectures, in the office to record meetings, or even at seminars and public talks to further your learning and understanding of the subject matter.

The best iPhone apps for note-taking

The quality of the recordings is very high, but you also have the option of choosing from three different levels of quality depending on the amount of disk space you have available on your iPad.

If necessary you can also add extra audio to your existing records; a feature sadly lacking in many comparable developments.

Powerful voice recording
Powerful voice recording

Extensive Playback Capabilities

EcccoNote Pro for iPad provides many of the usual playback options you’d expect in this kind of app, such as fast forward and rewind, but you can also use the Jump Back feature to quickly rewind 20 seconds and there an option to adjust the playback speed from between 50 and 150 percent.

The best iPad apps for note-taking

Furthermore, this app allows you to sort your recordings into categories to keep your records neat and tidy, as well as featuring color-coded text and an app badge let you know which notes have been listened to and which ones are still pending your attention.

Extensive synching abilities
Extensive synching abilities

EcccoNote Pro for iPad


Pros & Cons


  • Record voice clips with unrivaled quality
  • Pause during recording if you are interrupted
  • Choose different levels of recording quality to save disk space on your iOS device
  • Add extra audio to your existing records
  • Provides a powerful playback facility including fast forward and rewind controls
  • Playback controls also include pause, resume, and 20-second Jump Back
  • Choose a playback speed ranging from 50 to 150 percent
  • Share your audio recordings with others online via email
  • Easily export and back up your recordings via FTP and iTunes File Sharing
  • Sort your recordings into categories to keep your records neat and tidy
  • Color-coded text and an app badge let you know which notes have been listened to


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Full FTP support
Full FTP support

Final Words

EcccoNote Pro for iPad really is one of the best apps in the voice recording and dictation genre, so I would definitely recommend downloading it onto your iOS tablet if you need a reliable utility of this kind.


EcccoNote Pro for iPad

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