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Dream-X app review: make a great mind map with deadlines



Dream X is an iPad and iPhone app that allows the user to create a mind map for brainstorming ideas. Furthermore, it allows the user to set a due date per item, a percentage completed, and share the overall mind map.

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Great Teaching Tool

Dream X is great for project starting, elementary or secondary students organizing their ideas, and for getting a head-start on pretty much any project where you need to get your ideas out, but may not yet know the order.

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I downloaded this app for free so that I could use it with my son. He has a writing disability, so we do the majority of his homework on the iPad with typing or voice commands. This app was great to get his ideas out. His homework was to brainstorm, and we definitely did that! Not only that though, he was able to get his ideas out, create classifications, edit, and move things around with ease and no need for an eraser. With a writing disability, rewriting ideas on other places of the paper is difficult and can mean a dead stop for the work.

Comment field in use as well as task percentage completion, and showing task options
Comment field in use as well as task percentage completion, and showing task options

Why It's Great

Dream X is absolutely terrific because there are two free themes to choose from, and then several different colors that allow you to classify ideas, add icons to identify, and more. We created a mind map together in about 10 minutes, including learning how to add comments, move ideas from branch to branch, and add branches on to other branches. If that sounds confusing, look to Videogames-Zelda to see what I mean!

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The image is of his actual homework. There are no identifying characteristics, so why not?! You can see a variety of the icons he selected, his color coding, and that he chose to use an X to represent things that he didn't like. When we were done, he emailed it to himself and we printed it for school.

Showing the icon selection
Showing the icon selection



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Multiple themes
  • Saves as you go
  • Undo and redo buttons
  • Easy to add branches and change colors
  • Comment options to add additional information


  • Cannot print the comments so we opted to add branches

An example of a mind map
An example of a mind map

Final Thoughts

Dream X is a great mind-mapping app for iPad and iPhone. My son enjoyed figuring out how to use the app with me once we both stopped tapping at the same time! I will give you a hint: when adding a new branch, tap the center brain or light bulb in the the space beside it. To branch out from an idea, tap the idea and the area beside the idea. This took us a while to master, but then we were off to the races! Overall, great app for educators and those planning any project be it prioritizing budget items, or your backyard re-landscape.



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