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iCreate Home Edition app review



iCreate Home Edition is an iPad and iPhone app that allows your child to design a living room. There are electronics, furniture, and more for your child to select and design with.

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iCreate Home Edition


A Fun Sticker Book

iCreate Home Edition is a fun sticker book like game where your child can select and place unlimited stickers of the provided objects on their living room background. While I was testing the app, what I found was that if you wanted to add a TV on a table, then you have to put the table on first. This isn't a big deal to little kids usually, but to have the TV appear to be on the table rather than behind the table, you have to add the table then the TV, and then I found a DVD player and had to take the television out again.

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I also had trouble with getting a table setting in the kitchen background. Sometimes the item would appear behind or under the table, and other times it would automatically be in front or on the table. I don’t know why this appears to be random, but it's something to keep in mind.

Living room
Living room

Did My Kids Like It?

My kids love stickers, so yes, they did like iCreate Home Edition.  There are seven backgrounds in all, starting with the living room, a bedroom, back yard, school room, bathroom, library, and kitchen. Each room has a unique selection of stickers to choose from, so you aren't putting a table lamp in the bathroom, or a bed in the school room. In this way it is educational as well because your child is learning where things belong for their own future organizing.

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Another learning element is that there is a red box in the top right side that has the name of the item written in it. If you have the sound up, then you can also hear the item read aloud. In this way the app is teaching children new vocabulary as well as sorting and organizing.


iCreate Home Edition


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Seven backgrounds
  • Educational information by naming items and having the words in the top right corner
  • Many stickers


  • Must put the table in first if you want to set the table with items


Final Thoughts

iCreate Home Edition is an iPad and iPhone game for kids to explore their surroundings in a sticker book-like setting. They can play designer, and set up the rooms in many different ways. This game may be frustrating if your child can't get the item to go on the table but overall it is a great game for kids to play. My daughters enjoyed trying to create the various rooms, and also liked that she could save the image to show me and start over again quickly. This is a fun game for kids to play, but I would suggest an option to move the items forward and further back into the setting for future versions so that children don’t have to add and delete items to line them up as they would like to.


iCreate Home Edition

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