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TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1 app review - a jungle learning adventure



It's time to swing into the jungle and start learning with an interactive and multi-sensory math opportunity. The TouchMath Adventures app can be used on your iPad and will engage kids from pre-Kindergarten to Grade Two. There are immersive and interactive activities galore that will be teaching kids a number of math skills all geared to their age group. This is a wonderful introduction to math concepts or a way to reinforce what kids are already learning either at home or at school. 

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TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1


Enhance their Learning

The TouchMath Adventures app really is a great way to enhance your child's learning experience when it comes to math. Because this is an interactive and multi-sensory app it is able to engage with kids in a way that can prove to be incredibly effective. The app uses a touching and counting approach to math teaching them how to count to 20. The topics of "greater than" and "less than" and addition are also examined. Of course the learning process is fun but kids will stay motivated thanks to the rewards-based gameplay that it offers.

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The app was updated just a couple of months ago with a few improvements in the Teachers & Parents section. This section is now more user-friendly. The app currently scores very high with users, getting 4.5 out five stars. Customer comments are quite complimentary with parents pointing out how helpful the app can be, how easy it is to use, and the fact that the quality is good.

Take part in a number of jungle-themed math adventures
Take part in a number of jungle-themed math adventures

Not Just Random Gameplay

What I really like about the TouchMath Adventures app is the fact it's not just some random collection of lessons; rather, it's got a storyline that manages to capture the attention of kids. Kids will be working their way through a fabulous and rather fun-looking jungle as they learn and earn rewards for their successes. Kids will work their way through the levels and build their knowledge and confidence as they go.

Kids will be learning about critical math concepts, which can be really tough to understand and master. Why not give them a way that is age appropriate and is set up to allow them to succeed? Don't worry, the app has been designed to be kid-friendly so they will have no problem navigating through it and working the controls. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay is smooth and fluid, and parents will feel at ease knowing kids are safe to play in this app on their own.

Kids will love the graphics, animations, and sound effects
Kids will love the graphics, animations, and sound effects

TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1


Pros and Cons


  • The gameplay is smooth, fluid, and age-appropriate
  • Teaches kids about a number of critical math skills
  • Features a fun child-friendly theme
  • Offers great graphics and interactive elements


  • This offering is only available on the iPad

TouchMath Adventures screenshot
TouchMath Adventures screenshot

Final Thoughts

The TouchMath Adventures app for your iPad is meant to help kids with their match skills in a way that is user-friendly and at the same time fun and engaging. It's no wonder it's receiving such high customer ratings.


TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1

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