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BestFriends app review



There's a good chance you have a huge amount of friends on Facebook but how good of friends are they? The BestFriends app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun game that will determine which of your friends knows you the best by using your news feed as a very telling quiz. You'll be awarding your friends points based on the questions that are asked and at the end of the quiz you'll be able to see which of your friends got the highest score. The answer just may surprise you.

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Answer the Questions and Reveal Your Closest Friend

The BestFriends app will have you answering a number of questions regarding your Facebook news feed so in the end you can determine exactly who your closest friend is. You will need to answer such questions as who liked this page, and who posted this photo. As mentioned you will be awarding your friend a point for their answers and in the end the friend with the most points is clearly your best friend. At the same time your friends can be taking the quiz too and you may just pop up as their best friend.

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This is a new release so as of right now it doesn't have any updates, a customer rating, or comments. Because it's an entertaining little game to play I'm sure it will be gathering comments in no time. As an added bonus the app is free to play/use, all that is required on your end is that you have a Facebook account.

Answer the questions and find out who knows you best
Answer the questions and find out who knows you best

Getting Started

When you're ready to determine who your true best friend is then it's time to launch this app. The first time you launch the app you will be given a very brief but helpful tutorial. The game is very easy to use, but this added step just ensures no-one is left confused. There is only four questions you'll need to answer about your friend's activity on your Facebook. If you answer correctly by picking the right friend for the answer you are given points, at the same time if you answer incorrectly points are taken away. Points also earn you coins which can be used to purchase items in the game.

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The BestFriends user interface has a really nice clean layout and design which allows you to focus on the questions. Even the main menu has a nice vibe to it: both modern and minimalist.

Purchase items in the app with the coins you earn
Purchase items in the app with the coins you earn



Pros and Cons


  • The app is clean, minimalist, and modern
  • Answer questions correctly and you will be awarded points
  • Answer questions incorrectly and points will be deducted
  • Earn coins for your points, coins can be used to purchase in-app items


  • This game can only be played if you have a Facebook account

BestFriends screenshot
BestFriends screenshot

Final Thoughts

The BestFriends app can be played on your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad and manages to shed light on who your best friends are in a very fun way. The game is smooth and simple and I like that the questions are nice and short.



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