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LDS Daily Insights app review



LDS Daily Insights is an app for your iPhone and iPad that packs an entire library of quotes, sayings, and insights that you can carry around with you in your pocket or purse!

This app aims to serve as an easy reference tool for the Latter Day Saints followers who feel they would benefit from having a utility such as this one, be it for inspiration during difficult times or motivation to push for a better life.

You'll find this app in the Reference section of the App Store and it will cost you just $1.99 to have a powerful tool such as this one.

LDS Daily Insights


User Interface and Applications

This app only takes up a minimal 2.7 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad and its user interface is the classic iOS five-icon navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. This can be used to quickly and easily move among the various sections, which include Today, Authors, Topics, Favorites, and Search.

This app has words of wisdom for a variety of situations that we all might come across in life. You can use this app to start your day on the right foot as you receive a notification sent to your screen first thing in the morning.

Beautiful reading interface
Beautiful reading interface

Search, Save, & Share

Users can search for items with ease as there are plenty of tools at your disposal for this purpose. You can search for sayings by keywords, topics, or even by author. The quotes included in this app are credited to over a hundred authors who are listed in the Authors section.

The library of insights in this app is updated each month with new quotes and sayings, so you are never out of motivational and inspirational words to recharge your fuel.

It's very easy to start compiling a list of your favorite sayings when you want to have some of the most powerful words stored on your iOS device for quick and easy reference. If you come across a thought that you'd like to share with your loved ones, you can do so via Facebook, email, or even SMS.

Insights by topic
Insights by topic

LDS Daily Insights


Pros & Cons


  • Always get up on the right side of the bed with the daily insight push notification
  • Receive updates on a monthly basis
  • Read insights without an Internet connection
  • Share your favorite words of wisdom via Facebook, email, or SMS
  • Compile the insights that speak to you the most by using the Favorites section
  • Search for insights using keywords, by topic, or by the author


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Save your favorites
Save your favorites

Final Words

LDS Daily Insights is a really fast, efficient, and useful app for those who are part of the Latter Day Saints movement. It will give you strength, support, and wisdom when you need it most, and help you make the right choices in your day-to-day life. Its library is a comprehensive resource and a must-have on your iPhone or iPad.


LDS Daily Insights

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