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Charades Articulation app review



We don't often look at games as learning or educational tools but that's exactly what this next app is. The Charades Articulation app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is very easy to understand and play and is meant for speech therapy. The game moves along at a very fast pace as players need to act out, describe, and of course guess the correct word. There are more than 1,000 sound-specific articulation words found in this game and each word has been specifically picked by speech-language pathologists to help those who are having difficulty with a variety of sounds.

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Charades Articulation


Speech Therapy in a Fun Environment

Whether it’s you, your child, or maybe even a friend who is having some issues with speech, the Charades Articulation app can certainly help. The words in this game have been specifically chosen to help those who are having issues with the speech sounds of: l, z, s, r, sh, th, ch, and s/r/l blends. These are all very common speech sounds to work on, making the app versatile. Players will be practicing as they play thanks to the more than 1,000 sound-specific articulation words. It certainly doesn’t feel like a speech therapy session yet that’s exactly what you’re getting. The game can be played by just one player at a time or a whole group.

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The app is meant for kids ages six through eight and requires iOS 7.1 or later to use. It currently has a perfect five star rating from users who seem to be raving about helpful the game can be.

Work on a variety of speech sounds
Work on a variety of speech sounds

The Gameplay Experience

While the Charades Articulation app is a game, it's much more than that as described. This is actually an educational opportunity for those experiencing issues with speech sounds. I really like the fact that this app doesn’t point out the issues that person may have; instead, they will be able to just play the game, have fun, and yet practice without even thinking about it. It’s a way of not drawing attention to something that person may be quite sensitive about.

There is no need to be an expert in speech therapy because the app has already thought about what is needed and taken care of all the details for you. Kids will earn points based on how many words they get right. Even the user interface has been given plenty of thought and is engaging, entertaining, and extremely smooth.

Kids will earn points for words they get right
Kids will earn points for words they get right

Charades Articulation


Pros and Cons


  • A smooth and enjoyable game
  • The app is ideal for kids ages six and older who have some issues with speech sounds
  • Kids will be playing and having fun all while practicing sounds
  • This is a stress-free way to practice and learn


  • The game is very fast-moving, which may be a bit tough for some players

Check out your scores
Check out your scores

Final Thoughts

The Charades Articulation app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers kids a great opportunity to have fun all while practicing a variety of speech sounds that they may be having issues with. The app is very easy to use, offers some fun graphics, and gameplay that is simple and smooth.



Charades Articulation

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