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Pixi Touch Art Free app review



Making a very interesting addition to the Entertainment category of the App Store is Pixi Touch Art Free for iPhone and iPad, which allows you to use your fingers with a gesture-based control system to conjure up some amazing 3D imagery that will have your eyeballs bulging out of their sockets!

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I’ve been having a ton of fun playing around with this app, and although I don’t think the developer is paying much attention to maintaining it for the future (there have been no updates since 2010) I love it in its current state and would definitely recommend taking it for a spin.

Pixi Touch Art Free


Finger Painting in 3D

This app provides you with an innovative gesture-based control system that you can use to create fantastic 3D imagery, comprised of a variety of different shapes and what appear to be fractal patterns and formations.

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I also really like the way you can use one, two, or even three fingers at a time to warp, twist, and otherwise distort your imagery to achieve some very unique and dramatic results.

Create unique designs
Create unique designs

Full Instructions Provided

Pixi Touch Art Free features a layering system as well, and with seven different painting modes you can easily pile different variations of your creations on top of one another to further add to the uniqueness of your artwork.

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If this all sounds a little esoteric to you then you’ll be pleased to know that this app also includes full instructions to help get you up to speed with the various features in no time at all; trust me, you’ll almost definitely want to look at this before getting started!

Powerful and customizable
Powerful and customizable

Pixi Touch Art Free


Pros & Cons


  • Utilize an innovative gesture-based control system to create amazing 3D imagery
  • Use up to three fingers at once to achieve some truly dramatic results
  • Provides support for basic zooming as well as 3D rotation of objects
  • Layer your images with seven different painting modes
  • Includes full instructions to help get you up to speed with the various features in no time at all


  • The developer has promised many more features in future versions of this app, such as social media sharing and even a social media platform within the app; unfortunately, this app hasn’t been updated since its release in 2010 so it seems unlikely we will ever see these promised additions

Includes a full explanation
Includes a full explanation

Final Words

Pixi Touch Art Free is a fun and expressive artsy tool for iPhone and iPad that should definitely help you while away the hours during long journeys or even when you just have a few minutes to spare and want to do something on your iOS device besides playing Disgruntled Doves, or whatever that game is called!


Pixi Touch Art Free

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