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Play SOS app review



Play SOS is an iPhone and iPad game app that brings a grid strategy game to your device. I have been teaching this game to my son and daughter, but we often run out of space on the restaurant placemat, or mess up drawing the grid. I've been looking for this app and was glad to see it go free!

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Why Play a Paper Game on Your Device?

As mentioned above, we often run out of space on our restaurant placemats, or we just draw the grids too messily to have much of a game. This app provides you with a large playing area, and also sets your colors so you can see who gets which SOS. There are grid options from 3x3 to 7x7 so as to not make the grid spaces too small for your fingers, too. Should you choose to play on your own, there are three difficulties of Easy, Medium, and Hard.

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Additionally, there are tutorials, multi-player mode for the kids and I, and settings. Under settings you can change the font, add your name, and turn off the sounds. I appreciate these options because it means that you can change it up if you get tired of the font, or if the sound is driving you crazy. I’m a person who plays all games with the sound turned off, so this is definitely an asset!

Main menu
Main menu

Get Ready!

Play SOS is not an easy game! The computer agent moves fast, so often I found myself jumping in rather than thinking my moves through. This meant that I lost a lot of games before I took my time, slowed down and thought through my moves. I also played on the smallest grid to get the hang of the app before moving to a larger grid, which also makes the game more difficult.

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The agent is fast, which means that any move you missed is soon crossed out in an SOS achievement plus the three others! This also teaches you how to get multiple SOS points for yourself to though.


Pros & Cons


  • Customizable grid size
  • Customizable difficulty level
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Font options


  • Agent moves fast so you have to keep up

Game play
Game play

Final Thoughts

Play SOS is an iPhone and iPad app that brings the classic paper game to your device. It is great for playing in restaurants with your kids, and means no more running out of paper space on your placemat, or drawing wonky grids that you can’t even fit the letters into. Overall, this game does what it says, and I enjoyed trying to outsmart the agent. I would recommend it to parents with kids ages six and up, and have been working on teaching my own kids this game. Tic Tac Toe only goes so far before you tire of it, so we switch it up with SOS now!


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