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iMusee+ app review: listen and view your favorite music



Granted there are plenty of music player apps available but we've got one that gives you something extra, making it possible to hear all your most favorite songs and watch its HD video. The iMusee+ app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and brings your favorite tunes to life. There is no need to use a separate app or spend time online searching for your favorite videos thanks to this offering. You're going to want to act fast on this app as it is being offered for free for a limited time only.

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iMusee+ ( Free Music Player )


A World of Music

Once you download the iMusee+ app you are opening the doors to a world full of HD music videos. You will literally be able to browse through millions of videos by using YouTube's search engine. There's a good chance you've listened to your favorite song time and time again but have you seen its video? There are so many features built into the app and there are updates daily, weekly, and even in real-time, depending on the content. This is a very fluid user experience where you feel like you are actually part of the music because everything you could possibly want is available.

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The app doesn't yet have any customer comments or a customer rating. Although it is free to use right now there is an in-app purchase of $2.99 which removes the ad banner. If you plan on using the app on a regular basis you'll want to get rid of the ads as they really clutter up the screen.

Explore a variety of playlists
Explore a variety of playlists

Packed with Features

The iMusee+ app does a great job of packing in a nice variety of user-friendly features that really enhance the whole experience. There are featured artists lists, which are updated daily giving you the opportunity to discover new artists and bands. There are playlists that are hand-curated to fit your activity or mood, and the themed-playlists are actually updated weekly. These are a lot of fun to browse through and the fact that they change on a weekly basis means you’re always in for something new. Of course the app works in background mode and if you'd rather not see the video you can certainly just listen to the audio. Go ahead and create your own playlist for that true customized experience.

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Even the user interface has a very cool vibe to it and as you navigate through it you'll become more and more impressed.

The ability to put together your own playlist
The ability to put together your own playlist

iMusee+ ( Free Music Player )


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is sleek and impressive
  • Content is updated daily and weekly
  • Find music through the playlists or search for something in particular
  • Create your own playlist
  • View the video and music at the same time or just audio
  • Supports background play


  • This one is free for a limited time only

iMusee+ screenshot
iMusee+ screenshot

Final Words

When it comes to the iMusee+ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone it’s hard to find anything but positives to say. This is a modern and user-friendly option that is sure to leave you impressed.


iMusee+ ( Free Music Player )

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