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Picquest app review: find nearby photographers



If you are looking for some professional photography to use for your business or just for pleasure then you’ll be very impressed with Picquest as it enables you to get in touch with local or global photographers directly from your iPhone and iPad.

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I absolutely love the idea behind this app and I think it makes a very worthy addition to the Photo & Video category of the App Store, a category that in my opinion is far too cluttered with generic Instagram-wannabe apps; kudos to the developer for providing a refreshing change!

Find Photographers Locally or Globally

This is a very well-conceived app that you can use to find professional photographers around the world, and with the added bonus of being able to use your device’s integrated GPS to see photographers on a handy map view for easy location.

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Each photographer has his or her own profile which comes complete with a portfolio of their work, where you can Share and Like the images to provide photographers with some much-needed feedback.

Find Photographers Locally or Globally image

Network With Other Photographers

Searching capabilities enable you to narrow down your queries to find photographers who meet your specifications, and you can also send messages to photographers from various locations from within the app.

I can also imagine that Picquest might be useful for photographers to not only source new clients and showcase their portfolio but to also network with other people who share their craft and expand their network.

Network With Other Photographers image

Pros & Cons


  • Find professional photographers in your local area
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to see photographers on a handy map view for easy location
  • View photographer profiles along with a portfolio of their work
  • Share and Like photography to provide photographers with the feedback they need to improve
  • Provides a great way of networking and connecting with photographers in your locale
  • Send messages to photographers around the world from within the app
  • Use the search facility to find photographers who meet your specifications


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

Picquest is sure to help many a photographer find new work, and if you’re looking to source some local talent to help promote your brand, event, or anything else then I would definitely recommend this iPhone and iPad app.

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