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Awesome Weather Clock HD app review



Introducing the rather aptly-titled Awesome Weather Clock HD for iPad, which delivers detailed weather forecasts locally and globally accompanied by beautiful imagery, alarm clock functionality, and plenty of other awesome goodies!

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This app is a very worthy contender in the Weather category of the App Store, and although the genre of weather-orientated alarm clocks and bedside apps is cluttered, I think this one definitely delivers the goods where other comparable developments fall short.

Awesome Weather Clock HD


Wake Up to Beautiful Meteorological Imagery

This is a great little app that provides detailed and accurate weather forecasting with a beautiful visual element thanks to its hundreds-strong collection of gorgeous weather images featuring landscapes, weather conditions, and more.

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The weather forecasts are available over a five-day period for a more general overview and if you want a little more detail then you’ll also be able to access six-hourly forecasts covering the next couple of days.

These forecasts are available for more than 25,000 cities around the world so you should have no trouble finding information for your local area.

Attractive interface design
Attractive interface design

Weather Forecasts Have Never Been So Awesome!

Besides the basic weather forecasting functionality, Awesome Weather Clock HD also enables you to set up a fully customizable alarm clock with the tracks from your iTunes Music Library.

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The cool thing about the alarm clock is that when you wake up in the morning you can automatically share your mood and choice of music with your friends and family online via Facebook and Twitter.

This is definitely one of the better additions to its genre, and you can really tell that the developer has made an effort to offer reliable and fairly comprehensive functionality to stand out from the competition.

Perfect bedside weather
Perfect bedside weather

Awesome Weather Clock HD


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy detailed and accurate weather forecasting with a beautiful visual element
  • Includes hundreds of stunning weather images with landscapes and weather conditions
  • Set up a fully customizable alarm clock with the tracks from your iTunes Music Library
  • Includes weather forecasting for more than 25,000 cities across the globe
  • Provides a five-day forecast as well as six-hour forecasts covering the next two days
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to quickly and easily establish your current location
  • Manually search for locations by entering the name or ZIP code
  • Automatically share your mood and music upon waking via Facebook and Twitter
  • Save multiple locations within the app and then switch between them with ease


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Includes fantastical backgrounds
Includes fantastical backgrounds

Final Words

Awesome Weather Clock HD is well worth downloading onto your iPad so that you can wake up to your favorite songs and localized weather forecasts before getting out of bed and facing the day!


Awesome Weather Clock HD

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