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News Mobile app review: a news app aimed at young people



Whether you're a young professional or a student, keeping up-to-date on the news events of your country is of the utmost importance, and News Mobile is an app that will enable users to do so from the comfort of their iPhone or iPad.

This iPhone and iPad news app was created by Sc Shukla, an Indian developer with news from around India, aimed at Indian audiences. It is available for free in the News section of the App Store, and you'll only need 6.6 MB of free space in order to download it.

News Mobile


Carefully-Curated Content

News Mobile is an assimilation of a variety of news features, exclusives, and interviews that have been hand-picked by award-winning journalists from various sources from across the nation so you have access to the most important events of your country at your behest.

The user interface is highly vibrant and colorful and instills a sense of empowerment and vitality into the user. Whether it's the world of business, sports, entertainment, politics, or any other realm of news information, you will find all you need in one convenient app.

There is also a section for children called News4Kids, which is a great way to introduce children to the habit of reading news stories and learning about the world around them through the medium of videos.

Carefully-Curated Content image

Functions & Features

This app has all the features and functions you could ask for in a news app. Not only is the interface user-friendly and customizable, but you can also send in your own stories to the developers so they may get featured on the app. News can be sent in by anyone, be it someone within India or abroad.

You will also find that news stories are short and succinct in a way that allows busy people to catch up on the important news stories of the day quickly and easily without having to sift through the fluff and frills of mainstream media news content.

Want to know the latest viral videos? Perhaps you are looking for stories by topic. This app has all the options you need to customize your news consumption.

Functions & Features image

News Mobile


Pros & Cons


  • Receive news stories that are carefully curated by the top journalists
  • Alarm functionality so you can be all caught up with the news as soon as you wake up
  • Quick and succinct editorials for an easy reading experience
  • Customize the app content to your liking so you only read the stories you find relevant
  • Exclusive interviews and viral videos are presented in this app


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

News Mobile is a fantastic app for users who wish to catch up on the various events unfolding within India and overseas. I'd highly recommend giving it a spin on your iPhone or iPad, especially since it's a free app, because I'm sure you will love it if you're in the market for such a utility. It's quite possibly one of the best free news apps for iPad and iPhone users. 

News Mobile

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