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AHI's Offline Vadodara app review



Introducing AHI's Offline Vadodara, a handy travel app for iPhone and iPad that has been designed to help you more easily find your way around the city of Vadodara in India, with maps fully accessible offline so that you can avoid roaming fees while overseas.

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Continuing with our recent trend of offline map apps for iOS we have this great little addition to the genre which has been specifically developed to cover Vadodara, the third largest city in the state of Gujarat.

AHI's Offline Vadodara


Easily Navigate Vadodara in India

If you’re thinking of visiting the Gujarati state of Vadodara in India this year then you’ll definitely want to download this app as it provides full offline functionality so that you can navigate without having to be connected to a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

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Furthermore, this app utilizes your device’s integrated GPS so that you can easily see your current location on the map, and you can even add your own custom bookmarks to the map for quick and easy future reference.

Offline Vadodara maps
Offline Vadodara maps

Very Nicely Done!

AHI's Offline Vadodara also doubles up very impressively as a kind of travel journal for your stay in Vadodara by enabling you to add further details to your bookmarks such as notes and photos of the locations you visit.

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This really is a pretty decent addition to the Travel category, and one that is obviously filling a very small niche, but that hasn't prevented the developer from putting in a great deal of effort so I would definitely like to pay them a little lip service!

Add pins to your map
Add pins to your map

AHI's Offline Vadodara


Pros & Cons


  • Easily find your way around Vadodara, India
  • Ideally suited to tourists and Vadodara locals alike
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to easily see your current location on the map       
  • Maps are fully accessible offline without the need for an Internet connection
  • Add your own custom bookmarks to the map for quick and easy future reference
  • Bookmarks can be further detailed with your own notes and photos of the location


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Fully explained
Fully explained

Final Words

AHI's Offline Vadodara is a very nice addition to the genre of offline navigation apps for iPhone and iPad, and I would very strongly urge you to keep it handy on your iOS device before you visit the city because it can be quite labyrinthine in certain districts!


AHI's Offline Vadodara

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