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Breezy: Daily Weather app review



While other weather forecasting apps are preoccupied with cramming as much irrelevant information in as possible, Breezy: Daily Weather for iPhone and iPad stands apart from the competition thanks to its stylish simplicity and succinct slickness!

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This is a great little meteorological iOS app that I think will satisfy most people’s needs when it comes to weather forecasting in their local area, so it definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me.

Breezy: Daily Weather


Simple Weather Forecasting

What we have here is a simple app that you can use on a daily basis to quickly and easily access concise and current weather information for your local area, using your device’s integrated GPS to receive fully localized weather forecasts.

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The weather forecasts in this app are typically presented with coverage for the next three days, but you can also look into greater detail by viewing the hourly changes predicted for the coming 24-hour period.

Daily weather
Daily weather

Concise and Succinct

The weather conditions provided in Breezy: Daily Weather include things like details such as temperature, wind speed, and humidity, but you’ll also find data covering highs, lows, and averages for these factors as well.

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This app supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and you can also save multiple locations while being able to easily switch between them when you need to, so if you travel to different locations on a regular basis then you should find this very handy indeed.

GPS integration
GPS integration

Breezy: Daily Weather



  • Access concise and current weather information for your local area
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to receive fully localized weather forecasts
  • Includes forecasting for the coming three-day period
  • Covers details such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, highs and lows, and more
  • Provides details of hourly changes for the next 24 hours
  • Provides full support for both Celsius and Fahrenheit units
  • Use the integrated search facility to find locations without using GPS
  • Save multiple locations and easily switch between them when you need to


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Integrated search facility
Integrated search facility

Final Words

Clear, concise, and very effective; Breezy: Daily Weather is an awesome weather forecasting app for iPhone and iPad that is sure to provide you with just about everything you need to always remain one step ahead of the weatherman!


Breezy: Daily Weather

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