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Meteovista HD app review



Are you the type who wakes up in the morning and checks the weather pretty much right away? Maybe you check it throughout the day. In either case, the Meteovista HD app for your iPad strives to be your go-to source for the weather and can take even the most bleak and nasty weather and make it seem beautiful. You are given the ability to set up your own weather page and decide which widgets you want to appear. This means your weather will be displayed how you want, giving you even more reasons to check it on a regular basis. 

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Meteovista HD


Create Your Own Weather Page

The Meteovista HD app gives users the opportunity to create their very own weather page rather than being stuck with the information others have decided upon. Choose which widgets you want to use, how you see it, and what information is important to you. Widgets can be deleted, added, and even edited any time you like in order to customize the experience. There are six different widget categories and you can view a 14-day forecast for any location you can think of around the world.

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The app has recently been optimized and gone through a number of bug fixes so it comes as no wonder that it gets four out of five stars from users. Customers have plenty of positive things to say about the app, calling it fun, great for customizing what you want to see, and they love the fact you don't have to see stuff you aren't interested in seeing.

Pick your widgets
Pick your widgets

Weather Tools and Features

The Meteovista HD app really feels like a complete weather tool offering such information as the hay fever conditions, a 14-day forecast, a 48-hour graph that offers detailed information, and the ability to share weather with your friends. Go ahead and save your favorite locations for ease of use. Additionally, the app lets you know what "kind" of weather it is, meaning swimming weather, BBQ weather, summer dress weather, and more. It’s a cool way to discuss the conditions.

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It seems like weather apps, more so than any other type of app, can be filled with information you don't care about or want. This is a great way to weed it out before it even appears on your page and make reading the weather fast and enjoyable. The user interface is lovely, clean, and sparse feeling which makes the details a whole lot easier to see.

Check out the 14-day forecast
Check out the 14-day forecast

Meteovista HD


Pros and Cons


  • Choose what details you want to see regarding the weather
  • Get a detailed 48-hour chart of weather details
  • Provides a 14-day forecast for any location in the world
  • Save your favorite locations
  • Customize your weather screen by choosing what widgets you want to use


  • This isn’t meant for the customer who wants an in-depth weather app

Meteovista HD screenshot
Meteovista HD screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Meteovista HD app for your iPad can make the weather seem pretty exciting and beautiful thanks to its user interface and customized approach.


Meteovista HD

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