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Best handwriting apps for the iPad


Handwriting on your iPad has never been easier. There are numerous apps that incorporate this great feature. So, check out our list of the best handwriting apps for the iPad.



Bamboo Paper

Price: Free

Missing the feeling of writing in REAL paper? Well, you may not be the only one out there, since this app is really made for folks who frequently need to act upon their urge to doodle. Touted by its developers as having the most accurate “realistic inking” functions there is on the IOS, it also charmingly comes with a  “notebook” for all of the notes and sketches you made with this app! 




Note Taking


Best handwriting apps for the iPadNoteshelf

Price: $5.99 

Noteshelf is said to be the best handwriting app on iPad. Noteshelf will act like a binder of all your notebooks and you can easily organize them on a shelf. If you are writing your diary then you can also put a password so no one can ever read those secrets of yours.    



Best handwriting apps for the iPadPenultimate

Price: Free

One of the easiest to use and cheapest handwriting apps is Penultimate. If you are a first timer, Penultimate will give you a tour of how to use the app. Just like the previous app  you can create different notebooks and store and arrange them according to your desires.





Price: $4.99

Ever wondered who came up with the crazy idea of using the iPad solely for writing? This app, along with fellow note-taker apps like Noteshelf and Notability, were arguably the first wave of handwriting apps to prove that swiping can be more than just a way of sliding through Facebook photos. And as far as handwriting goes, this app is really all-inclusive: markers, text boxes, PDF annotations, and even sketching—all of this without having to use a stylus for it!



Note Anytime

Price: Free

It’s been 3 years now since the release of the above app, but the fact that more and more developers keep finding ways on how to improve the iPad’s handwriting capabilities speak volumes as to how code-friendly the iOS is. Case in point: this app, which describes itself as, among other things, a “virtual whiteboard”, is one of the more graphically defined apps in this list. Even if you’re not one for taking notes on the iPad, the sandbox-style mechanic of this makes it very hard NOT to play with it!




Price: $0.99

Most users can be bothered to use a functional app, even though it’s highly minimalistic in its design (see below for a prime example of it). However, NotesTab takes minimalism to a whole other level by emphasizing that there’s beauty behind it as well. Allowing you to write notes on any customizable background you can choose, the fact that you can automatically recover these by “starring” them on this app makes for some breezy searching!




Price: $4.99

Really, the only thing going against this app is that it’s STRICTLY made for annotating PDF documents. However, that should probably be the least of your worries, since as far as full functionality goes this one has the works! You can do more than just add notes on any PDF doc you open here—if there’s a creative and colorful way to highlight or stick text boxes on any PDF doc you may be reading at the time, this app provides you with it! 



Office Work


Office Note

Price: $2.99

One of the things leveled against the iPad is that it can do everything except meaningful, productive work. Well, this app makes a good case against it by allowing you to use a variety of functions which hew very closely to that of a standard Windows software, including word processor, an MS Paint-like program, and—probably best of all—automatic syncing with Google Docs.



“Just” Writing


iA Writer

Price: $0.99

If you’re looking for an app which simply “just” lets you write—no sketches, colored fonts, or any of those frilly functions we have come to expect from a typical iPad app—then there’s no question that this ode to Spartan functionality will get your creative juices flowing. No wonder this app is getting rave reviews from—wait for it—journalists and writers, of course. But if that isn’t enough for you, then the automatic Dropbox integration would convince you that this app is the real deal.

Best handwriting apps for the iPad Smart Writing Tool

Price: $7.99  

After writing your notes, convert them to easy-to-read text with this app. Smart Writing Tool makes it easy for you to convert those messy notes into texts. You can choose if you want to convert it as you write or after writing.    







Price: $4.99

There’s Google Docs, and there’s everything else. Dropbox unfortunately happens to be part of the latter, but this app may prove a good point on why you may need to make the jump over to the platform: it allows you to create and work on documents similar to what you also do on Google Docs, but to do it offline? And still retain full functionality even with the hindrance of a WiFi-less connection? Now that makes it MORE interesting.



Best handwriting apps for the iPadNotability

Price: $1.99

The iPad is the perfect iDevice nowadays for note taking, and Notability is one of the best apps to use for this task. With its highly sensitive and user friendly interface, it will make handwriting fun and easy for you. Keep those ideas coming and you can also record your voice if you can’t write at a particular moment.   





Writing Kit

Price: $4.99

Ah yes, research; both the bane and boon of writers everywhere including—ahem—yours truly. The fact that one has to bookmark numerous links and cross-reference them against each other is deadly boring indeed. So for us personally, this is “our” killer app. In addition, anything you write here can be easily integrated with Dropbox or standard CloudApp integration.





Best handwriting apps for the iPadPaper by FiftyThree

Price: Free

With Paper by FiftyThree, writing on the iPad will be an amazing experience. There are numerous different features to enhance your writing experience. You can write with a fountain pen that writes smoothly over the iPad and turns your writing into a calligraphy. Also, you can purchase additional features.    



Storybook Maker

Price: $3.99

Of course, what’s a handwriting app list without having to include something for the kiddies? And really, there’s no better incentive for encouraging your kids to exercise their imaginations probably than with this app. Just as the app’s title suggests, it’s a storybook creator where your kid is allowed free reign as to what and how they choose to write on the “pages”, no matter how legible it is (of course)! Of course, both in-app and custom media like pics, audio recordings, and video can all be included on a story, since… well, what’s an iPad for if not for flashy multimedia consumption?  

Best handwriting apps for the iPad







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