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Rippl app review



We often set out with the best of intentions such as taking reusable bags for grocery shopping, or switching off the lights when they aren't being used. However, habit creation is a difficult undertaking and requires plenty of reminders. Rippl is an iPhone and iPad app designed to help you create those habits.

You'll find this app in the Lifestyle section of the App Store, where it is available for download completely free of charge. This app will also only take up 19.5 MB of space on your iOS device so you won't have to clear up much data in order to accommodate it.

Let's take a look at how this app works.

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Develop Better Habits

Every week, Rippl will bring you tips for living a greener life by making small, easy changes to your current lifestyle. You will find opportunities to help leave a greener footprint in a variety of ways. When you decide the steps you wish to take and the habits you wish to develop, then you will be able to easily find ways to build in some good habits into your current schedule with the help of this app.

The advantage of having a green lifestyle are twofold; not only does it help the environment, but it also enables you to save money in a variety of ways. You can even track how much of a difference is taking effect due to your good habits.

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Evidence-Based Methodologies

It must be said that the user interface for Rippl is absolutely stunning. It has a fresh and bright look about it, which makes it a pleasure to use, and its interface is pretty intuitive, enabling users to start working with this app right away.

Set goals, track your progress, and even schedule reminders and habits to your preferences. Push notifications are sent to you as and when you need them.

The tips you receive on a weekly basis are backed up by science and proven to help the environment. If you have a tip of your own that you don't see on the app, you can suggest your own tips to the other users of this app.

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Pros & Cons


  • Reduce the size of your footprint on the environment
  • Receive free tips on how to do so on a weekly basis
  • Incorporate green habits into your day to day life
  • Set goals, track your progress, and set up custom push notifications
  • Share your very own tips with the online community
  • Science-based recommendations


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

Rippl is a fantastic app for everyone looking to conserve our planet's finite natural resources as well as conserve their own financial resources. I think everyone should get this app on their iPhone or iPad and start making changes for the better. Highly recommended!


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