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Digit Disco Lite app review: set your fingers alight!



Digit Disco Lite is a very fun little app for iPhone and iPad that should provide you with loads of funky musical fun while giving your fingers a workout thanks to its dancing digit disco inferno!

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I really like the idea behind this app and it reminds me a little of the old Dance Revolution games that came with a dance mat, except of course this time you can enjoy a mobile version and let your digits do all the talking.

Digit Disco Lite


Get Your Groove On

What we have here is a very fun addition to the Games category of the App Store that you’ll just love if you’re looking to give your fingers a funky workout as it includes some great disco tunes to get your boogie on with.

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There are four difficulty levels in this game that you’ll be able to work through, or if you’re feeling particularly confident about your grooving abilities then you could just jump straight in at the deep end to really test your rhythmic mettle!

Upgrade for More Songs

Digit Disco Lite also includes a cool high score table that allows you to compete with other players on a monthly basis to see who can become the don of the digital dance floor, so you’d better start sharpening up your strutting skills!

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I should probably mention that this is the free or “Lite” version of Digit Disco, and it comes with just one song, but if you upgrade to the full version you’ll be able to access even more cool songs and other features.

Upgrade for More Songs image

Digit Disco Lite


Pros & Cons


  • Give your fingers a funky workout with awesome disco tunes
  • Choose from four difficulty levels based on your grooving abilities
  • Includes original tunes that you’ll have never heard before
  • Practice to get better and reach the top of the high score tables
  • Upgrade to the full version of Digit Disco to access even more songs and fun features


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Digit Disco Lite is a great deal of fun, and those of you who enjoy soul, funk, and disco-era music will definitely be in your element, so be sure to check out this cool little music game on your iPad and iPhone!

Digit Disco Lite

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