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ePhotos Free app review: outdated



ePhotos Free is a rather crude app for iPhone and iPad that has been designed to help you more easily share your photos with others online via email, but due to its outdated nature I’m afraid to say that the functionality ends right about there.

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Oftentimes I find apps like this give the impression that the developer got off to a promising start before basically giving up and not bothering to perform any further updates of maintenance, so I’d say you’d be better off looking elsewhere for a photo sharing app.

ePhotos Free


Best Avoided

What we have here is a very disappointing app that provides you with a streamlined interface from which you can easily share your photos online, and although the layout is quite decent you can only share your photos via email.

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While even the most basic of photo sharing apps will usually provide sharing options for Facebook and Twitter as a bare minimum, this one offers nothing beyond email sharing, and even that feature is temperamental.

Sort your photo albums
Sort your photo albums


The only thing that ePhotos Free really has going for it is that it allows you to adjust the image resolution of your photos with seven different settings to choose from, but many similar developments provide this feature along with a whole host of other goodies.

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I would definitely recommend avoiding this outdated app because there is almost certainly not going to be any further updates from the developer and it is pretty much useless in its current incarnation.

Adjust image resolution
Adjust image resolution

ePhotos Free


Pros & Cons


  • Provides a streamlined interface from which you can easily share your photos online
  • Share your images with others online via email and add your own custom subject line and message
  • Adjust the image resolution of your photos with seven different settings to choose from
  • Save your images as emails to easily export them into your Drafts folder


  • Although I like the idea behind this app, I think it’s important to note that it hasn’t been updated since 2009 so it looks as if ongoing maintenance and support from the developer is going to be non-existent

Thumbnail views
Thumbnail views

Final Words

ePhotos Free could have been a great photo sharing app for iPhone and iPad if the developer bothered to keep up with its development, but unfortunately it appears to have fallen by the wayside, making it one you’ll want to avoid. 


ePhotos Free

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