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My Cancer Manager℠ app review



If you have been diagnosed with cancer your world has obviously been turned upside down, so any help you can find is usually welcome. The My Cancer Manager app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and acts as a support network that will help you manage your stress level as you deal with your illness. Stress is never good for anyone but if you are currently experiencing a health battle, stress can be extremely negative, so this app offers a way to track, rate, and manage it.

My Cancer Manager℠


Track and Manage Your Stress

From the moment a person is diagnosed with cancer the stress level spikes; of course, this doesn't help the situation and can actually make the health battle even tougher. The My Cancer Manager℠ app is meant to help you in the specific area of tracking your stress so you can then learn to manage it and celebrate the progress you are making in managing it. It’s really an app that helps you be more self-aware of how you are feeling and how it may be affecting you physically and mentally.

This app is free to use and it should be noted that this is strictly meant as a helpful too and is by no means substitution for speaking with a healthcare professional. The app has 3.5 out of five stars from users but not customer comments at this time. It hasn't been updated in two years now with its last update just enhancing some of the tools in the app.

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Using the App

The app is meant to make users aware of the fact that they aren't alone and that there is in fact an entire community of support waiting to help. While the My Cancer Manager℠ user interface isn’t anything high-tech or overly impressive, its basic set-up is probably for the best making it easy-to-use for anyone. The app gives users a way to track how they are feeling, both emotionally and physically. You can use this app to write down your feelings and thoughts as well as questions. It also offers some resources that are meant to help you with your battle such as links to articles that contain all kinds of information that is meant to offer you advice, tips, help, and educational information. There is also a location finder that will pinpoint the nearest Cancer Support Community so you can attend it in person or find out how to connect with it online.

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My Cancer Manager℠


Pros and Cons


  • Offers those suffering with a cancer a way to easily record and track how they are feeling emotionally and physically
  • Provides links to helpful articles
  • Features a location finder to locate the nearest Cancer Support Community


  • The user interface is quite basic
  • There haven’t been any updates in quite some time
  • The app is rather limited in its uses

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Final Thoughts

The My Cancer Manager℠ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers those who have been diagnosed with cancer a selection of tools and resources that are presented in a user-friendly manner.

My Cancer Manager℠

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