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Connect 9 app review: a math game for practice or for fun



Connect 9 is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to add the disks up to nine to get points. There are a variety of colors to use, but you get bonus points if you make nine using only one color.

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How To Play

Connect 9 has two modes: time mode and endless mode. In endless mode you just keep going to see how many times you can get nine, and in time mode you try to beat your score in the designated time limit. If you combine more disks you get more points because you get one point for each disk used. Disk colors are red, green, blue, purple, teal, and yellow, but you only get a certain amount of each. There are two red, three green, four blue, six purple, eight teal, and ten yellow. This means that if you see a chance to make nine with yellow disks, it will be easier than making nine with the red.

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The challenge to make nine with the red also means that you get more bonus points if you manage to make nine with two red disks. I love the extra challenge presented by having the option to make nine with one color!

Tips & Quirks

The navigation in Connect 9 is easy enough as you simply click on the clock or infinity symbol to select which version you want to play, then start! The time starts immediately when you start, but there is a pause function if you are distracted and need a quick break.

One thing I noticed for those who may have difficulty with math, is that if you accidentally make more than nine, you lose points. This adds the challenge though, and can make this simple game a great learning tool for kids beginning addition, or for those who need some practice.

You could use the infinity option to help with practice to begin, and then switch to the timed mode to do a warm-up quiz. It really is quite flexible.

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Timed or infinity mode
  • Easy to play
  • Practice addition skills
  • Sound effects aren’t obnoxious


  • Lose points if you add over nine
  • The game only uses the one small corner so your vision can get crowded

Final Thoughts

Connect 9 is a fun iPad and iPhone addition game that challenges the player to add the disks to nine. If you are able to do so with only one color, then you get bonus points. What I love is that you can use the infinity mode to teach the game and help your student practice their addition, or you can switch to the timer mode to give them that added fun of beating their high score, or just to limit how long the game is. Overall, this is a fun app that helps with addition, or if you are a math lover, to challenge you to keep your mind working.


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