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Hatha Yoga app review: enjoy yoga anyplace



Just because you may not live near a yoga studio doesn't mean you can't enjoy the experience in your own home. The Hatha Yoga app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to engage in the activity no matter where you are. The app can even act as a wonderful introduction to yoga since it takes you through the positions using stop-motion visuals. You are guided through the process by Prahlada, who acts as your instructor. Go ahead and take advantage of the many built-in classes this one has to offer.

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Get Proactive with Your Health

Instead of wishing you could put your personal health and well-being first, why not follow through and do it with an activity that is great for the body and mind? The Hatha Yoga app will take you through a number of positions that are meant to increase your flexibility and strength leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. One of the keys with yoga is that you need to practice it on a regular basis in order to get the maximum benefits. If you aren’t a member of a studio, this can be hard to do. This app provides you with the structure you need in a variety of difficulty levels so that there's no reason you can’t be practicing it at home on your own time.

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Unfortunately this app is beginning to feel and look quite dated, which isn't really a surprise considering it hasn't been updated in more than four years. Its customer rating is 3.5 out of five stars, so clearly it can do with some improvements.

Choose your lesson
Choose your lesson

Make Any Place Your Yoga Studio

Because you are getting hours’ worth of professional instruction in Hatha Yoga, you know this app will be able to keep you busy for quite some time. Be sure to pick a class that is suited to your skill level and then follow along. There is Pranayama and Meditation instructions and while you're actually doing  the "class" you can listen to your own music in the background. One of the advantages of doing the class virtually is the fact that you can pause it if you need to step away for a moment.

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I feel like one of the downfalls with this app is that is just feels very tired and stale. The user interface really isn't anything special or unique and nowadays people want more from their apps, especially if you’re paying for it.

The app uses stop motion visuals to teach users
The app uses stop motion visuals to teach users

Pros and Cons


  • The app is easy to follow and use
  • Choose positions based on your skill level
  • The app offers professional instruction
  • Positions are described through stop-motion visuals
  • You can pause the instruction at any time
  • You can play your own music in the background


  • The user interface is dated and dull
  • It feels as though there could be more content

Lots of yoga positions
Lots of yoga positions

Final Thoughts

The Hatha Yoga app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as your traveling yoga studio. This app could rate a lot higher if some attention was given to it and updates and enhancements were made.


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