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Phototyper app review: a fun way to send a message



Phototyper is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to type a message and have it turned into one of 60 pre-selected images or a photo you have taken. You can then save it to your Camera Roll, or send by text message or to social media directly.

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Make Fun Text Photos

Phototyper is a fun app for creating custom messages. If you are a Batman fan, you can type your message and then have it formed into the Bat sign to send out. There are 60 images to choose from so there are a lot of great options, like a rocket ship, duck, Darth Vadar, I Y you, and more.

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This app reminds me of the art projects in school where you would draw a shape over grid paper and then fill in the squares. If you type a short phrase, then the phrase simply repeats until all of the letter slots are filled. If you type a longer phrase, then it may only repeat one and a half times, but it still has a great effect.

Graphic selection
Graphic selection

Make Your Statement Known

Phototyper is a great app for getting your message across. If you really want to tell someone that you love them, what better way than to have I love you spelled out in the I Y you photo option? It’s a fun app to play around with, and there are a lot of great sharing options from saving directly to your camera roll, to sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or your Instagram account.

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This app is easy to use, so you don’t have a huge learning curve. You can try taking your own photo and having the message spelled across your pet’s face, your own face, or simply your favorite item. This adds a more personalized effect, but make sure it isn’t too monochromatic. I tried my keyboard, but the app couldn’t read the spaces between the keys so it looked like a plain block of text.

Darth Vadar
Darth Vadar



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • 60 fun images to put your text over
  • Use your own photos
  • Short or long messages


  • Monochromatic photos don’t work
  • Message field is not unlimited but character count is unknown


Final Thoughts

Phototyper is a fun iPod and iPhone app that allows you to easily input a message across a photo like the old art projects with grid paper. It is easy to use, and allows you to choose from 60 images, or to use your own photo. Overall, this is a fun app for sending messages to people, but make sure that you either use some punctuation to separate your phrases, or give the recipient a chance by keeping the message on the shorter side. I fully admit to not being a good decoder, so I might need help if it’s too long!



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