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Monster Scout app review: go on a monster hunt



Monster Scout is an iPhone and iPad tool for convincing your child it is safe to go to bed. The app pretends to scan the room for monsters, and if one is found, you simply remove the monster using shock, and get an all-clear.

Monster Scout - A Kid-Friendly Game for Finding and Removing Monsters


Scan, Eliminate, Share

Monster Scout is a fun app even if your kids aren’t afraid of monsters under the bed. My kids took my phone and wandered the house for over an hour looking for monsters to eliminate, then even scanned each other to find out what kind of monster they are. The app doesn’t specifically say that they are a vampire, but they had fun playing along.

The app is meant to scan and give an all-clear of the room so that the child can go to sleep without being afraid. It works like monster spray, or keeping a light on to keep the monsters away, and gives kids a little extra security.

Start scanning
Start scanning

Share Your Successful Hunt

If you do find a monster on your Monster Scout, then after you remove the monster from the room and get an all-clear, you can share your success by saving to your camera roll, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Email. If you select the "more" option, then you can access your contacts to text as well.

The kids also had fun with this and turned it into a collecting game. Once they got a new monster, they’d save it to the Camera Roll to show me all the different monsters they found. There are a lot to find including ghost, mummy, werewolf, vampire, alien, cootie bug, monster, and others.

Scan your environment
Scan your environment

Monster Scout - A Kid-Friendly Game for Finding and Removing Monsters


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun
  • Collect monsters
  • Play pretend monster hunter
  • Give your child peace of mind


  • None found

Sharing options
Sharing options

Final Thoughts

Monster Scout is a great iPad and iPhone app for kids who like to explore, collect, or are afraid of monsters under their bed. It brings out the creativity by allowing the child to take control as he or she hunts down and eliminates monsters. It also allows children to go on a monster-hunting safari if they are the more adventurous type. My kids took this app and played monster hunter for over an hour, telling me what monsters they had found, what kind of monster I was, and eventually starting up a make-believe monster school. Overall, this app is a fun game for kids to play. I can see how it would be helpful for kids afraid of monsters at bedtime too, but it is great that there is this alternative use too!


Monster Scout - A Kid-Friendly Game for Finding and Removing Monsters

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