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iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire app review



iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire is yet another crude addition to the genre of online dating apps for iPhone and iPad that promises a lot (and charges for it) while offering next to nothing in terms of actual substance and functionality.

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There are so many iPhone dating apps around these days that spring up offering everything from love and romance to no-strings-attached encounters, and unfortunately the vast majority are just like this one in that they are little more than hollow shells set up to fool the gullible and hormone-ridden alike. 

iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire


All Talk, No Walk

The concept behind this app is that you are meant to be able to input your sexual preferences in order to see other people who share them so that you can find like-minded individuals in your local area by using your device’s built-in GPS.

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To those of you who are looking to spend your time engaging in these types of, shall we say, activities, this might sound like a great idea, but there really is very little in terms of an actual user base when you dig a little deeper.

All Talk, No Walk image

Take Up a Hobby!

iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire includes an integrated chat facility so you can make arrangements with other users, but of course the vast majority of the user accounts on there appear to be shell accounts set up to boost the apparent population of the community.

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I really would recommend saving your time and money and instead, trying to use a more reputable dating app, or even better, take up an interest or hobby of your own and try to build meaningful relationships with people; you’ll have a whole lot more fun that way!

Take Up a Hobby! image

iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire


Pros & Cons


  • Input your sexual preferences to see other people who share them
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to see like-minded people in your local area
  • Includes an integrated chat facility so you can make arrangements with other users
  • Exchange images with other users so you know what to expect before meeting them


  • Unfortunately this app appears to almost certainly be another example of a sham dating service, with very few legitimate users and a great deal of talk with no walk

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire for iPhone and iPad is nothing but a waste of time and money so I would very strongly advise against downloading it unless you feel like throwing away five bucks.

iSIN - Adult Dating Extraordinaire

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