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iRadar Atlanta app review: detailed map imagery



If you like to see your weather forecasts in a graphical format then be sure to try out iRadar Atlanta for iPhone and iPad as it sources radar data directly from the National Weather Service to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

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There are countless radar apps in the Weather category of the App Store and the genre as a whole is a real mixed-bag in terms of quality, but I’m pleased to say that the iRadar range of apps seem pretty consistent with the content on offer so I’d definitely recommend checking this one out.

iRadar Atlanta


Radar Map Imagery for Atlanta

If you live in or around Atlanta then you’ll definitely want to check out this weather forecasting app as it provides detailed radar map imagery for the region so that you can enjoy weather forecasting in graphics rather than plain old text.

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There are six local radars available including things like base, composite, long range, and other forms of imagery, and you can see the weather playing out with fully animated maps so you know exactly what to expect over the coming few days.

Track severe Atlanta weather
Track severe Atlanta weather

Minimal Data Consumption

iRadar Atlanta also enables you to clearly see any warnings of tornadoes, severe storms, flash floods, and other severe weather conditions as they are broadcast by the National Weather service.

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What’s more, the developer ensures us that this app uses minimal data so it should prove to be very useful if your power goes out and you have to rely on 3G data rather than connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Utilize NWS radar imagery
Utilize NWS radar imagery

iRadar Atlanta


Pros & Cons


  • View detailed radar map imagery for Atlanta
  • Access six local radars with fully animated maps
  • Includes base, composite, long range, and other radars
  • View warnings of tornadoes, floods, and more
  • Uses minimal data and is useful for when your power goes out during a storm


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Stay safe from harm
Stay safe from harm

Final Words

iRadar Atlanta is the ideal iPhone and iPad app to download if you’re looking for reliable weather forecasting and you know how to interpret radar map imagery, so it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me.


iRadar Atlanta

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