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News 11 app review: an app for the people of St. Louis



Whether you're a resident of St. Louis or it's the hometown you sorely miss, you'll find that News 11 is an app that can help you stay abreast of the news events in your area from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.

What we have here is a news app featuring the KPLR11 team who bring you the local stories be it the local news, weather reports, sports updates, and other information in one convenient, simple, and sleek user interface.

This app is available for free from the News section of the App Store. Let's take a look at what it has to offer its users in its tiny 15.6 MB package.

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Receive and Send News Reports!

News 11 brings you constant updates from the KPLR 11 team on what's going on in your neighborhood and around the world. You'll receive news stories on a variety of topics and stories are segregated by area of interest such as Business Spotlight, News 11 Remembers, Sunday Sports Extra, and Team of the Week.

There's a navigation menu available on the top left corner of the app, which will help you move smoothly between the various sections depending on which news stories are more important to you.

If you find that there are important things going on that are not being covered on the app, you even have the option of submitting your very own photo or video to the KPLR11 team.

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Menu options
Menu options

Video, Streaming, and Weather

Not everyone likes to spend time reading the news. For such users, this app has the provision of video reports, which provide you all the news in video form, and is a great idea even for those who are short on time.

Live streaming newscasts are also available so users can stay up to date on local and global events as they unfold. To stay updated on the news stories as and when they are published, you can choose to receive push notifications. These can be customized so you can toggle on and off for Sports, Breaking News, Traffic, and Weather.

Speaking of weather, users can check out the frequently-updated weather forecasts and track storms and other severe weather conditions by using the interactive radar which is beautifully integrated into this app.

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News feed
News feed



Pros & Cons


  • Receive news, weather, sports, and other information from the St. Louis area in one place
  • Get constant updates from the KPLR11 team on what's happening in your area
  • Video reports available for those who are short on time and don't want to spend too much time reading
  • Live streaming newscasts so you can stay updated on local and global events as they unfold
  • Submit your own photo or video to the KPLR11 team
  • Customize your push notifications and set up a "Quiet Time"
  • Check out the weather forecasts, updated frequently
  • Track storms and other severe weather conditions thanks to the interactive radar


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Personalize your settings
Personalize your settings

Final Words

News 11 is a must-have app for those who wish to stay updated on the news, weather, and traffic reports from around the area as it brings the user a variety of useful functions and features without the fluff of most other news apps. Give this free app a spin on your iPhone or iPad, you're sure to want to stick with it



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Neha Sinha

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