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A Crossword Solver app review



If you're a regular with solving crossword puzzles, you will surely know of the frustration when you just can't seem to get that one word which will help you move forward. Well, there's an app for that, and it's called A Crossword Solver, available for both the iPhone and iPad.

This app costs $1.99 and can be purchased from the Reference section of the App Store and it will help you solve all kinds of crossword puzzles, whether they are in American or Traditional English.

Let's take a look at the features of this app.

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A Crossword Solver


Simple & Smart Search

A Crossword Solver contains more than 270,000 words from American as well as traditional English. This app comprises of a unique and innovative search function which makes it incredibly easy to find words even if you only have a letter or two figured out.

The way it works is that you can search for individual letters and multiple letters, using the full stop and the @ symbol, respectively. So for instance if you have a three-letter space starting with D and ending with G, enter D.G and you will get all the possible words displayed to you instantly.

Alternatively, search for multiple letters using the @ symbol, so if you key in D@G, you will see all the 685 words in the database of the app such as dawning, dazing, dazzling, daydreaming, and deactivating. Scroll through the results to view them all. Users can also search for a combination of single and multiple letters, making this a very smart search method.

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Search in action
Search in action

Self-Contained App

I wondered why the developers used the @ and period keys; the choices seem odd at first glance, but when I started using the app, it became so clear. The reason behind the choice of keys is that they are easily accessible on the regular keyboard, so users won't have to switch to the alternative screen each time. This really adds to the user experience as it truly feels like the developers have put some thought and care behind this app.

This app sometimes produces so many results that the developers have had to restrict the number of search results to a thousand. If you find that your search input is producing too many results, it's best to narrow it down.

You'll also be pleased to know that A Crossword Solver is a completely self-contained app, which means that you can easily search for answers on commutes and other situations where Internet access is unlikely.

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Innovative search functions
Innovative search functions

A Crossword Solver


Pros & Cons


  • Contains more than 270,000 words from American as well as traditional English
  • Two search options: individual letters and multiple letters
  • A unique word-pattern search which will works for all kinds of clues
  • Search for individual letters using the full stop, and multiple letters using the @ symbol
  • Both keys are easily available on the keyboard
  • Scroll through the results to view them all
  • Use a combination of single and multiple letters
  • Will produce so many results that the developers have had to limit them to 1000 words due to memory constraints
  • Self-contained app


  • Search results are limited to a thousand words due to memory constraints

Symbols for single and multiple letters between letters
Symbols for single and multiple letters between letters

Final Words

A Crossword Solver is hands down one of the best word-finding apps available on the iPhone and iPad. I think that it's a must-have for every vocabulary enthusiast and word nerd, as it's sure to teach you a whole bunch of new words.


A Crossword Solver

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