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Find friend that look like me.. through FaceBook! app review



Find friend that look like me.. through FaceBook! is supposed to allow you to find people on Facebook who look like you, but unfortunately the functionality is unreliable so you’re better off avoiding this iPhone and iPad app.

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I really like the idea behind this app so it’s a big shame that it doesn’t deliver the goods because it could certainly have provided some interesting comparisons!

Find Friend who Look Like Me


Unreliable Functionality

The idea behind this app is that you use your picture to cross-reference people on Facebook, namely those of your friends list so that you can find individuals who look like you.

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Although the app does typically come up with some results you’ll often find people who look nothing like you.

Connect your Facebook account
Connect your Facebook account

Best Avoided

Find friend that look like me.. through FaceBook! will dig up people who have blonde hair if yours is black, or who have a completely different complexion, eye color, or general appearance to you.

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I’m not quite sure if the results are randomized in this app but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case so I’d recommend not bothering with it.

Find Friend who Look Like Me


Pros & Cons


  • Unfortunately there isn’t really anything positive to say about this app because the results seem fairly randomized, or inconsistent at best


  • This app appears to be a big waste of time so you’re better off steering clear

Final Words

Find friend that look like me.. through FaceBook! is a disappointing addition to the Social Networking category of the App Store and I think that as far as social media apps for iPhone and iPad go you could do far better!


Find Friend who Look Like Me

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