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Animal ABC Free app review



It's time for kids to set off on an interactive animal-themed learning adventure that will grab their attention from the moment you launch the app. The Animal ABC Free app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and has been created specifically for toddlers and young kids ages two through seven. Kids will be learning all about the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes through a variety of interactive elements. The animated app offers a child-friendly user interface so kids can even enjoy it on their own if they like.

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Animal ABC 3D Free - Fun Education for Preschool


A Learning Experience

The Animal ABC Free app gives parents the opportunity to give kids an entertaining learning experience. Because this is a child-friendly app parents won’t have to worry about in-app purchases; this one is child-proof. The app offers animations throughout that are HD of course, and offer fabulous sounds to go along with them. There is clear pronunciation throughout as kids learn what the letter names are and the animal names. The letters transform into a corresponding animal in both reverse and forward motions. There are two different puzzle games for kids to enjoy and also enhance the learning experience further.

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It looks like developers have really hit the mark with this app that has five out of five stars. There are a number of customer comments that mention how great the graphics are, the incredible sounds, and the great interactive features. This is a brand-new release so it doesn't yet have any updates.

Interact with the letters and animals
Interact with the letters and animals

Fun from Start to Finish

The way the Animal ABC Free app works is that kids are shown a letter and its letter name is spoken. They can tap on the letter and it transforms into an animal that starts with that same letter. There are sound effects and music throughout and just as parents have mentioned the graphics are bright and vivid. The puzzle game will speak the clues and then kids need to find the corresponding animal or letter.

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I do find that this app is really cute, educational, and fun for toddlers but I think this game is far too simple for the older bracket, like the seven-for year-olds. I also wish there were a few more game options here just to keep the app exciting and interesting. It should be noted that the game contains ads across the top of the screen but they don’t interfere with gameplay.

Take part in two different puzzle games
Take part in two different puzzle games

Animal ABC 3D Free - Fun Education for Preschool


Pros and Cons


  • The game is easy for kids to play
  • Ideal for kids ages two and older
  • The app doesn’t require in-app purchases
  • Kids will learn about the alphabet and what animals start with each letter
  • There are two interactive games
  • The graphics are bright and fun


  • The app does contain ads
  • There aren’t a ton of activities

Beautiful animation of letters
Beautiful animation of letters

Final Thoughts

The Animal ABC Free app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fun experience for young kids and a chance for them to learn about the alphabet.


Animal ABC 3D Free - Fun Education for Preschool

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