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ESV Bible+ with Strong’s app review



Whether you're just starting out studying the Bible, or you've read it several times already, ESV Bible+ with Strong’s is an iPhone and iPad app that is sure to help you get a deeper understanding of the Holy Book.

Packed with study resources, tools, and functions, this app costs $14.99 from the Reference section of the App Store. Let's take a look at all that it has to offer its users.

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ESV Strong’s Bible by Olive Tree


User Interface & Layout

ESV Bible+ with Strong’s has a lovely user interface with a split-screen view which you can use to compare two translations of the Bible, or to view study notes alongside the good book. You can also choose to follow the commentary as you read along the Scripture.

The interface also features a pop-up functionality which enables users to tap on an unfamiliar word and instantly view its definition in either Greek or Hebrew. All the gospels are displayed in red and the app supports full-screen mode so that users can learn in an immersive environment without any distractions.

You will also get access to a resource guide which will help you search through all the versions of the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, and other books quickly and easily.

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View commentary from various sources
View commentary from various sources

Study Features

Through the study process, users will have the option to bookmark and highlight verses for reference. You can also take comprehensive notes that will open up in a pop-up window when you tap on the automatically-generated note icon next to the verse where the note was taken.

All of this information is saved to your iOS device so you can access it on the go even if you are not connected to the internet.

There is a community of over four million users who are using this app to study, just like you, so you can connect with them and study socially. Also get non-users involved by sharing verses and notes via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Take study notes with ease
Take study notes with ease

ESV Strong’s Bible by Olive Tree


Pros & Cons


  • Pop-up functionality for users to tap on words and view their definition in Greek or Hebrew
  • Gospels are displayed in red
  • Resource guide enables users to search through all the Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and other books
  • All resources are saved offline for studying on the go even without an internet connection
  • Split-screen view for comparing two translations or viewing study notes. Commentary can also be followed as you study Scripture
  • Full-screen mode for immersive learning
  • Bookmarking, highlighting, and note-taking features available for each verse and passage
  • Further resources available as in-app purchases including other versions of the Bible, study plans, and much more
  • Study socially by simply tapping on the verse and sharing it via email, Twitter, or Facebook
  • More than a hundred free resources available to facilitate study
  • Community of more than 4 million users


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Bookmark, highlight, and save
Bookmark, highlight, and save

Final Words

ESV Bible+ with Strong’s is hands down one of the best tools you can have at your disposal if you are in the market for a good Bible app and study resources. Get this app on your iPhone or iPad to become intimately familiar with the good book.


ESV Strong’s Bible by Olive Tree

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