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Sleep Defender app review: a color-coded alarm clock



Sleep Defender The Kids Color Coded Alarm Clock is an iPad and iPhone alarm clock for kids. It allows the parents to set a time at which they can come downstairs if they wake up early, but also sets a time that they need to get up.

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Sleep Defender The Kids Color Coded Alarm Clock


Protect Your Sleep

Sleep Defender is an alarm clock for children from about four through seven. Parents set a time for the earliest they want the kids to come get them, and this will be the yellow zone. For example, if you start your day at 7:00 am, then you could set the yellow zone from 6:30 am. At 7:00 am the child’s clock would turn green to alert them that they can now go wake up Mom and Dad.

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For the purpose of this review, I set the app to have a yellow alarm at 1:46 pm. When two minutes had passed, the clock turned green.

Setting alarms
Setting alarms

Additional Features

Sleep Defender also allows you to change the display from clock to stoplight, tell the app to auto lock or stay lit, and to have an indicator for the stop light alarms or not. When on the main screen you can also set the dimmer to one of five brightness settings to keep it from being obtrusive during the night.

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I would also use this for quiet time. In our family we have quiet time daily right after lunch. Often the kids ask if quiet time is over yet, and this app would help them to know. The older two being 11 and six rarely fall asleep, but it’s a good habit to relax and recharge.

The yellow zone
The yellow zone

Sleep Defender The Kids Color Coded Alarm Clock


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • No sounds to wake the child up if they are still sleeping
  • Dimmer to not be obtrusive during sleep
  • Stop light visual for children not yet telling time
  • Option to autolock if not plugged in


  • No sound option for older kids to wake to an alarm


Final Thoughts

Sleep Defender The Kids Color Coded Alarm Clock is an iPad and iPhone app for kids to know when it is okay to leave their room. If they are old enough to entertain themselves in their room for a short period of time during the early morning, then this app may be helpful to you. I am not a proponent of forcing kids to sleep in their rooms when scared, or letting kids cry themselves to sleep, however for older kids this would be helpful. For times such as early wakers, quiet time, nap time, and more I could utilize this app to indicate almost done, and come on out. Overall, a great concept, I would just like to see an alarm sound option for older kids who do need to wake up in the morning.


Sleep Defender The Kids Color Coded Alarm Clock

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