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Indian Rides app review: transform the way you ride 2021



If you enjoy getting out on the open road on your motorcycle then we've got an iPhone biker app that has been built for riders.

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The Indian Rides biker app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and gives users a fun and quick way to plan their rides, track them, and even share them with family, friends, and other riders.

This is about taking your ride to another whole level, one that is social, educational, and can really enhance your journey. 

For more details about this good iPhone biker app, check out our Indian Rides app review below.

Indian Ride Command


Share Your Rides

Just because your family and/or friends may not own a motorcycle and can't join you on your rides doesn't meant they can't enjoy them with you. With the Indian Rides app you'll be able to plan out your ride and then track it and share it with anyone you like on Facebook and Twitter.

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This is especially fun if you’re taking an extended trip because then your loved ones will be able to see exactly where you are. This app is filled with public routes and maps for motorcycles and covers all the U.S. What's great is that it is always being updated so these maps and routes stay current.

Share Your Rides image

Using the App

There are a few things to mention about the app before you get started; first off, if you plan to leave it running in the background so you can make use of the GPS tracking just know it will drain the battery pretty quickly.

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Features in the app include being able to plan your ride by also viewing weather information, store details and data on your motorcycle, find services/restaurants/gas stations/lodging while you are riding, and export your route information through CSV or GPX format.

If you run into unexpected issues with your motorcycle during your ride you can use the app to find the nearest dealer.

A fun feature is being able to track your ride as you go by adding descriptions of locations, photos, scenic spots, and marking your favorite routes.

Using the App image

Indian Ride Command


Pros and Cons


  • Gives riders a way to plan out their route through the maps included in the app
  • Track your route along the way complete with photos and descriptions
  • Share your route by Twitter and Facebook
  • Find rest stops, restaurants, lodging, gas stations, and more
  • Use the app to find the nearest Indian Motorcycle dealer


  • The app is supported by ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Indian Rides app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone doesn’t necessarily offer unique and stand-out features but what it does it does it well and in a very professional and user-friendly way.

Indian Ride Command

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