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Venice Street Map. app review: navigation simplified



If you are considering traveling to Venice this year then be sure to keep Venice Street Map. handy on your iPhone and iPad as it provides just about everything you could need to easily find your way around and prevent you from getting lost during your visit.

This is a very well-developed offline map app that you would be wise to download if you are visiting Venice as it provides a suitable alternative to Apple Maps and Google Maps that you can use without needing to be connected to 3G or a Wi-Fi network.

Venice Street Map.


GPS Integration

What we have here is a simple yet incredibly effective addition to the Travel category of the App Store that has been designed to provide you with an effective way of finding your way around the beautiful city of Venice.

With this app you can use your iOS device’s integrated GPS to see your current location displayed on the map but this is optional because all of the data is stored locally on your device and there is no need for an Internet connection.

Venice simplified
Venice simplified

Retrace Your Steps

Venice Street Map. features an integrated search facility that you can use to see locations, amenities, and so on, and the lists of establishments are all categorized in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find what you need.

What’s more, using your device’s integrated GPS with this app will allow you to see a detailed record of the routes you’ve taken so that you can more easily retrace your steps, so even if you do get lost you should have no problem figuring out where you are and how to get back to your hotel.

GPS integration
GPS integration

Venice Street Map.


Pros & Cons


  • Access a detailed offline map for Venice
  • Suitable for tourists and locals alike
  • Use the integrated search facility to quickly find locations, amenities, and more
  • Amenities and local facilities are categorized in alphabetical order for easier browsing       
  • View a detailed record of the locations you’ve been to so you can easily retrace your steps
  • Use your iOS device’s integrated GPS to see your current location displayed on the map
  • All of the data is stored locally on your device so there is no need for an Internet connection


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Alphabetized listings
Alphabetized listings

Final Words

Venice Street Map. utilizes a rather crude interface but I really can’t fault the developer for this seeing as they’ve done such a great job with the overall implementation of the functionality, so I would certainly recommend downloading this iPhone and iPad app if Venice is on your itinerary.


Venice Street Map.

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