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Organize:Pro LE Task Manager & To-Do List app review 2021



Rather than jotting down tasks here and there and feeling as though you're constantly behind here's a task management app to get yourself organized.

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The Organize:Pro LE Task Manager & To-Do List app for streamlining your tasks is professional enough to be used for business purposes yet streamlined enough to use for personal task management if you prefer.

This iPad task manager is absolutely filled with features and tools all with the common goal of keep you on task and well-managed. 

Check out our Organize Task Manager app review to learn more bout this good iPhone app for task management.

Organize:Pro Cloud - Task Manager & To-Do List


A Sleek and Professional Offering

If you're looking for a business solution when it comes to task management the Organize:Pro LE Task Manager & To-Do List app may just fit the bill. The app has been designed for project managers, freelancers, and others that need a way to stay managed.

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What’s great is that because this is a mobile app you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips any time of the day. Use this app to set up tasks lists, delegate the task and keep track of these delegations, and of course track the progress of each task.

You can think of this app as your own virtual assistant in a sense with plenty of customization tools available.

The task management app is free to use but all features are available. Using the app for free is a great way to get to know it and get used to the user interface before deciding to upgrade to the full version, which is priced at $12.99. 

A Sleek and Professional Offering image

The User Experience

Some of the main features you'll find in this app include being able to set up sub-tasks and sub-projects, and you can set up an unlimited amount of these. That means you can micro-manage if you like. Each task allows you to included details and notes.

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When it comes to viewing your tasks you can view them by the full month, the week, or daily. There is a project dashboard, which keeps your organized, you can set up RACI task delegation, and it can be used during meetings with AID classification.

You can use the template for the tasks and pick from a variety of user interface themes. The app even supports calendar integration which lets you view all your tasks next to your calendar of events.

The User Experience image

Organize:Pro Cloud - Task Manager & To-Do List


Pros and Cons


  • This is a professional offering that can be used for business purposes
  • Customize the look and feel of the app
  • Supports calendar integration
  • Add tasks, sub-tasks, sub-projects, and delegate tasks
  • A professional and streamlined user interface
  • A large selection of tools and features


  • The free version of the app doesn’t include all the tools/features
  • This one is only available on your iPad

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Organize:Pro LE Task Manager & To-Do List app gives users a professional tool to use for business purposes that is filled with user-friendly features and tools.

Organize:Pro Cloud - Task Manager & To-Do List

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