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RailBandit app review: quick and easy train schedules



If you're trying to get around by public transportation such as trains and subways then you need to have a reliable tool that gives you accurate scheduling information. The RailBandit app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with up-to-date schedules and the ability to plan a route with ease. The app supports a number of different Amtrak lines in American and Canadian cities. The app can be used on the day of your travels or you can plan a journey up to 14 days in advance thanks to the information provided.

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RailBandit - train schedules


Navigation Made Simple

There's no need to arrive late to your destination or worse yet, end up taking the long route just because you didn't realize there was a better option. The RailBandit app can help you get around on Amtrak trains in many U.S. and Canadian cities. It may just be a simple commute in the morning or a long-haul journey; the app is able to help you out. Because you can find scheduling information up to 14 days in advance the app makes for a great trip-planning tool.

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In the app's most recent update there were a number of minor bug fixes and there is now a Twitter and Facebook sharing tool. A new feature was also added as you can now view all stops on your planned route with indicators. The app scores very high with users, getting 4.5 out of five stars.

Get all your route information
Get all your route information

Features and Tools

The RailBandit app isn’t just about schedules it also provides users with a number of tools to take advantage of. You can actually plan out your entire route by entering your starting and ending point and then the app provides you with the optimal route. This route will include any connections you may need to make. You can find schedules using a zip code or entering the name of the city. When you're on the train you can track it using GPS. If there are any service interruptions, delays, or advisories you can find the information through the app, there are service updates, and your recent trips can be saved if you choose.

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The user interface has managed to stay clean and user-friendly despite the fact there is so much information being conveyed. The navigation bar along the bottom of the screen makes using the app simple and quick.

Check out the route maps
Check out the route maps

RailBandit - train schedules


Pros and Cons


  • The app provides Amtrak information for a number of U.S. and Canadian cities
  • Plan your route through the app
  • Plan routes up to 14 days in advance
  • The app provides the most up-to-date scheduling details
  • View service interruptions, delays, and advisories through the app
  • Save your most recent route
  • Search by city or zip code


  • The app doesn’t support every city
  • There aren’t a ton of added features

RailBandit screenshot
RailBandit screenshot

Final Words

The RailBandit app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a quick and easy way to plan their rail journeys thanks to a basic but well-designed offering of tools.


RailBandit - train schedules

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