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Weight Tracker Pro app review



Losing weight doesn't have to be a confusing game of numbers because instead you can rely on an app to break it all down for you. The Weight Tracker Pro app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad acts as your own fitness journal where you can track your weight and experience the joy of meeting your goals. One of the greatest motivators when on the path to weight loss is seeing real tangible results and this is the kind of tool you can use to show you those results and shine light on what you’re doing right and what may need some adjusting still.

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Weight Tracker Pro - Fitness Journal


How Will You Know?

If you’ve set a goal to lose weight how will you know if you’re being successful and on the road to completing your task if you aren’t tracking it? The Weight Tracker Pro app is meant to be a user-friendly option that anyone can use in order to record your weight as you work towards your end result. You begin by entering in your current weight, your target weight, your height, and gender. From there the process is really easy: just take a photo of your meal or make notes about what you are eating, record your weight, and watch the results tracked right before your eyes.

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The app has recently just gone through optimization and bug fixes all in an effort to bring users an even smoother performance. The app has a rating of four out of five stars from users but no customer comments at this time.

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Features of the App

The Weight Tracker Pro app is all about giving users a quick and easy way to track their weight so they can keep their minds on their goal and stay motivated. Some of the user-friendly tools you can look forward to include being able to make notes, edit your information at any time, view your eating habits through your own photo log, use metric or imperial units of measurement, and check out your progress as charted on a graph. Additionally you can quickly check out your current BMI displayed on your personal dashboard, export your information to a CSV file, and even sharing your details through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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What I find interesting is the idea of taking a picture of your meals because as you go back and start looking at your photo log you may be able to spot mistakes you’re making that much easier.

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Weight Tracker Pro - Fitness Journal


Pros and Cons


  • Takes a user-friendly approach to weight tracking
  • Take photos of your meals and create a photo log
  • Make notes about your meals
  • View your results on a graph so you’ll be able to get a visual picture of how you’re doing
  • Share information on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


  • This is a very basic approach to weight loss that may not work for everyone, it’s really just a secondary tool to your regime

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Final Thoughts

The Weight Tracker Pro app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to track your progress on your quest to reach your weight goal. This app is basic, smooth, and can be incredibly helpful.

Weight Tracker Pro - Fitness Journal

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