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Stock Pulse for iPad app review



Whether you just dabble in the stock market or if you've got multiple investments this next app can help you acquire the information you need. The Stock Pulse for iPad app gives you the ability to keep track of your entire investment portfolio and stocks. You can be out doing errands and still check in on what's happening. The app can be customized to your exact portfolio so this isn’t just a generic offering; instead, it’s a reflection of your exact details.

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A Stock Market Companion Tool

Think of the Stock Pulse for iPad app as a stock market companion tool where you will be able to create your own personalized portfolio, manage it, and track it. When you first use the app you'll begin by setting up your financial portfolio and keep in mind you can always add more stocks, edit your stocks, add the date of purchase, and the quantity. Obviously this first time you use it there are a number of steps involved but once you’ve set it up it will be quick and smooth sailing. As mentioned anyone from a brand-new stock market participant to those advanced market analysts can use the app with ease. The app provides you with some rather technical information on the market and of course that quick and complete overview of your own portfolio.

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The app hasn't been updated in quite some time with the last update addressing some bug fixes and the app was made compatible with iOS 6. The app only has three out of five stars from users and the customer comments are a bit mixed.

Get a quick overview of your portfolio
Get a quick overview of your portfolio

Become a Pro

The Stock Pulse for iPad app makes it possible for you to not just get an overview of your investments but also learn about them. There are color-coded indicators that show gains and losses with your portfolio, you can view the latest news on your stocks, view technical charts that span from one day to five years in the future, and keep track of daily values and movement on individual stocks. You've got a couple of different ways to view your chart as you choose from scale types (log and linear), or line, candlestick, and bar. As another added convenience you can set the app up to manually refresh the stock values or automatically refresh.

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It seems like the downfall in this app is exactly what users' have pointed out: it's good for the basic information but there are no advanced or unique tools here.

Get the latest news on your stock
Get the latest news on your stock

Pros and Cons


  • Customize the app with your own portfolio
  • Add, edit, and delete stock quantities any time
  • Get the latest news that applies to your stocks
  • Get a quick overview of your portfolio
  • The app can manually or automatically refresh stock values


  • The app doesn’t seem thorough enough to satisfy advanced stock market types
  • The user interface is rather unimpressive

Stock Pulse screenshot
Stock Pulse screenshot

Final Words

The Stock Pulse for iPad app is meant to help users learn about their portfolio and help them make the best decisions for them. While this may be a good option for a beginner it doesn’t offer enough tools for advanced stock market analysts. 


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