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Simple Shape app review



Not everyone has an hour to spend at the gym everyday but that doesn't mean they don't want to be healthy and work out. The Simple Shape app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been developed to act as an easy-to-follow workout that takes just seven minutes. There’s no reason to let something as simple as time constraints prevent you from achieving your personal health goals. The workout has been designed in order to get the most impact out of a short amount of time which means high-intensity interval training.

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Simple Shape : 7 Minute Challenge Workout


Always Find Time

The Simple Shape app makes it possible for users to always find time to fit in an effective workout. With this one taking just seven minutes, it’s hard to find a reason why you can’t fit it in. As mentioned the app features high-intensity interval training because this has shown to have the most impact when you only have a short amount of time available. The routine will help you burn the optimum amount of calories within that time range while increasing your metabolism. Another bonus with this app is that you don't need any additional equipment so this means you can use it anywhere.

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The app has just recently been updated and improved with some bug fixes and an update specifically for iOS 8 users. It scores very high in the customer rating category, getting a perfect five star rating from users. Reading through the customer comments it seems like developers are really in touch with what people want and what is effective.

Seven minutes is all you need
Seven minutes is all you need

Guiding You Through the Routine

There's no need to worry about what exercises you need to pack into a seven minute routine because Simple Shape has you covered. There are four different categories to choose from with a total of 42 exercises. This means you'll get variety in your routine and not get bored. You can set up a profile for each person using the app for a more customized approach and this allows you to each track your performance. Track such things as your workout history, your Body Mass Index, your goals, and weight of course.

You will be working alongside a virtual trainer who will take you through the exercises; you can choose between a female or male trainer. There are achievements to unlock, you can enable daily notifications to remind you to work out, there are chart displays, and your data can be synced to the Cloud.

Choose your virtual trainer
Choose your virtual trainer

Simple Shape : 7 Minute Challenge Workout


Pros and Cons


  • The app is simple to follow and takes all the guesswork out of exercising
  • Choose between a male or female virtual trainer who will take you through exercise videos
  • There are four different workout categories and 42 different exercises
  • Track your progress
  • Set up daily notifications so you don’t forget to workout


  • There had been some bugs, which appear to have been fixed

Schedule your workout
Schedule your workout

Final Words

The Simple Shape app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users a very smooth and easy to follow exercise routine that is delivered through high quality videos and an impressive user interface.


Simple Shape : 7 Minute Challenge Workout

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