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Ink Artist app review: become an artist



How would you like to feed into your inner artist and really let your creativity shine and blossom? The Ink Artist app for your iPad makes that possible by giving you a user-friendly vector-based drawing tool that lets you be as creative as you like. The app boasts its very own drawing engine that gives you a variety of tools. You have the option of drawing with your finger or stylus. What's great is that you can then take your high-resolution artwork and export it so that you can share it with friends, family, and others with an appreciation of art.

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Ink Artist - Vector Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle with Natural Brushes


Draw When You Feel Inspired

There's no need to search around for art tools, paper, or canvas when you feel the urge to be creative instead you can use the Ink Artist app right on your iPad. This app gives you the ability to use your finger or stylus to draw strokes on the device. You've got the ability to make something that feels like digital artwork or more realistic media. The experience is very smooth so you aren't seeing all those big pixels or jagged edges and lines. What's great is that you can enlarge your artwork without any fear of blurring happening and then you can export this artwork to share with friends and family.

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The app has a couple of in-app purchases available that give you access to more tools, these are priced at $1.99 each. The app currently has four out of five stars from users. In its most recent update there were a number of changes made including a layering system that is very advanced. There are 18 layers in total, two of which are free to use.

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Standout Features

The Ink Artist app has a number of features that stand out such as the ability to choose from 50 different kinds of background templates, the canvas feels massive and uses your full screen, you can zoom in, there is a redo and undo function, and you can adjust a variety of tools. Of course just as if you were using real tools there are also a variety of brushes to choose from such as watercolor, pen, chalk, brush, neon pens, pencil, and plenty more. You can use the eraser if you want to perfect something, export to image files, import from your photos, and share by Twitter, email, and Facebook. The user interface is polished and smooth allowing users to be incredibly creative.

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Standout Features image

Ink Artist - Vector Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle with Natural Brushes


Pros and Cons


  • The app is smooth, polished, and responsive
  • Import and export photos
  • There are plenty of brushes to choose from
  • Customize and adjust your brush
  • Choose from 50 different background templates
  • Share your artwork by email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Use your fingers or a stylus to draw with


  • Not all features are included in the initial purchase
  • Users would like to see additional features and tools added

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Ink Artist app for your iPad gives users a modern and simplified way to create artwork right on their mobile device. There are a variety of basic tools and some nice customization features.

Ink Artist - Vector Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle with Natural Brushes

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