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AllIn1Clock for iPad app review: your bedside buddy



AllIn1Clock for iPad is a simple yet highly intuitive alarm clock app that enables you to set up multiple alarms within a single interface; there have been some complaints raised regarding its effectiveness so be sure to compare it with other similar apps before downloading it.

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I really like the look of this app, and although the features are well-rounded and quite comprehensive I would have to urge you to look elsewhere if you’re in doubt because you might come up against some compatibility issues with more recent versions of iOS. 

AllIn1Clock for iPad


Create Multiple Alarm Clocks

What we have here is a fairly simple app that you can use to set up multiple alarm clocks to ensure you always wake up on time, along with the usual snooze and repeating alarm functions to help you crawl out of bed on those early weekday mornings.

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The interface itself is surprisingly attractive with a variety of visual themes on offer, plus you can also import your own images from your iPad Camera Roll in order to customize the appearance of the interface further.

Store multiple alarms
Store multiple alarms

What's the Time in Dubai?

AllIn1Clock for iPad includes a World Clock so that you can keep track of the time in multiple countries across the globe, and you can also import songs from your iTunes music library in order to wake up to your favorite tracks each morning.

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You’ll also find some basic timer and stopwatch functionality including a lap timer, so the features on offer here are fairly decent. Please just be aware that you might find it a little buggy on newer iOS updates.

Stylish virtual alarm clock
Stylish virtual alarm clock

AllIn1Clock for iPad


Pros & Cons


  • Set up multiple alarm clocks to ensure you always wake up on time
  • Includes standard snooze and repeat functions for your weekday crawls out of bed
  • Enjoy a stylish virtual clock display with customizable backgrounds
  • Import images from your iPad Camera Roll to customize the interface
  • Use the World Clock to keep track of the time in countries across the globe
  • Customize your alarms by using songs from your iTunes music library
  • Includes handy timers and lap timers with accuracy up to 1/100 second or more
  • Multitasking gives you the peace of mind that your alarms will sound with the app minimized


  • Some users have complained that this app is temperamental and particularly prone to crashing, so you might want to compare it to comparable alarm clock apps before making your final decision

Handy lap timer
Handy lap timer

Final Words

AllIn1Clock for iPad certainly isn’t without its flaws but I’d say it’s still well worth considering because it offers a wide range of features all bundled up in a very aesthetically pleasing user interface.


AllIn1Clock for iPad

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