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iTraxs app review: clunky and unintuitive



iTraxs follows a decent concept for an iPhone and iPad app and enables you to trim down your audio tracks to pinpoint your favorite sections, but unfortunately it lacks in the user-friendliness department so you might want to consider looking elsewhere for your music exporting needs.

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Although the developer has done a solid job of including a step-by-step tutorial in this app, I’m afraid that this doesn’t help matters because the overall user experience of this app is one of a severely temperamental nature.

iTrax - Music Shortener and Ringtone Maker



This is an app in the Music category of the App Store that follows a solid concept by enabling you to trim down your audio tracks and compile your own mixes and playlists by adding them to your in-app myTrax audio library.

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Unfortunately the fun stops there because if you want to export your music tracks for use in other apps or on your desktop computer then you’re likely to be sorely disappointed.

Edit audio tracks
Edit audio tracks


Within iTraxs you’ll find basic playback options including playlist shuffling and the ability to add a fade in or fade out to your trimmed tracks, plus you can sort you tracks or “trax” alphabetically to find what you need a little more quickly.

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As I mentioned above, this app includes a tutorial that is designed to help you more easily export your tracks via iTunes, but with the frequent crashing and general clunkiness of the user interface I’ve had very little luck getting it to work.

Export to your iTraxs account
Export to your iTraxs account

iTrax - Music Shortener and Ringtone Maker


Pros & Cons


  • Trim your audio tracks to get the exact snippets you want
  • Add your trimmed tracks to your myTrax audio library for anytime access
  • Shuffle your playlist to listen to your myTrax tracks in random order
  • Add a fade in or fade out to your tracks for more seamless transitions
  • Sort your tracks alphabetically to find what you need more quickly
  • Includes a simple tutorial to get you up and running with the various features
  • Export your tracks onto your computer via iTunes file sharing


  • There have been numerous complaints from users who report that this app makes it very difficult for you to export your edited audio tracks, so you might want to compare iTraxs to similar developments before making your final decision to download it

Difficult to export audio
Difficult to export audio

Final Words

iTraxs is a great idea for an iPhone and iPad app but I’ll have to recommend that you look for alternatives until the developer updates it with a greater emphasis on ease of use.


iTrax - Music Shortener and Ringtone Maker

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