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Bookingbay app review: powerful event organization



If you host or attend events on a regular basis then you might like to consider downloading Bookingbay onto your iPhone and iPad as it offers some very powerful event organization features so that you can provide a professional service to your clients and attendees.

The best iPad apps for weddings

From ticketing to in-app payment systems, this app does just about everything. I really like what the developer has done here and would very strongly recommend downloading it if you’re in the market for a handy tool to help you manage your events.



Extensive Event Management

Music concerts, educational seminars, workshops, theatrical presentations; you’re sure to find everything you need in this app to help you host events and ensure that everyone who attends leaves with a smile on their face.

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You can sign into this app within seconds by using your Facebook account, making it incredibly easy for attendees to view tickets and then book them with the option to pay via PayPal or credit card from within the app.

Easy event management
Easy event management

Offer Coupons and Promotions

Bookingbay also provides features for scanning QR codes for events, services, and tickets to offer even more convenience, plus you can further widen the smiles on your customers’ faces by offering vouchers and coupons to your attendees to give them exclusive promotions.

The best iPhone apps for weddings

This app has a very professional feel to it, both in its function and presentation, so I think you’re going to be very happy with what you find here.

Locate venues with ease
Locate venues with ease



Pros & Cons


  • Host and attend events with this powerful organizational tool
  • Ideal for everything from seminars and workshops to movie and theater tickets
  • Sign in within seconds by using your Facebook account
  • Attendees can book tickets and pay via PayPal or credit card from within the app
  • Scan QR codes for events, services, and tickets for added convenience
  • Issue vouchers and coupons to your attendees to give them exclusive promotional offers


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

View detailed bookings pages
View detailed bookings pages

Final Words

Bookingbay for iPhone and iPad is a great tool for organizing events in a multitude of different settings, so it definitely receives my recommendation.



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