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Wireless DJ app review: a professional tool for DJs



If you currently use any MIDI-enabled DJ software then we have an app that has been custom-made for you. The Wireless DJ app can be used on your iPad and acts as a convenient, wireless multi-touch controller. It can be used with Traktor Pro as well as other MIDI-enabled DJ software, giving you true flexibility. All you have to do is connect to a wireless network that is currently being used by your computer and you'll be able to use the app as a low-latency MIDI-controller for use with your professional DJ software.

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Wireless DJ


Why Use the App

So why use the Wireless DJ app? Well there is a huge cost savings involved because you can interact directly with your virtual mixing console without the need of buying all kinds of MIDI controllers, which as you know, can be extremely expensive. You'll have all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost. As mentioned, the way this app works is that you connect it to the wireless network you are using with your computer, and that then gives you the ability to use the app as a low-latency MIDI-controller for any MIDI-enabled DJ software. There's no need to use a trackpad or mouse; instead, the app uses touch functionality to adjust the pitch of the music, cue, mix, and play the beats.

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In the app's most recent update there was a master/sync button added. The app scores a solid 3.5 out of five stars from users who are really enjoying all its conveniences and benefits. Users have commented on the impressive user interface but would also like to see more features/tools added.

A clean and simplified user interface
A clean and simplified user interface

Conveniences Offered

The Wireless DJ app is really about making your life a whole lot smoother and easier when it comes to mixing and playing your music. Instead of a jog dial that would traditionally be used, now you can use one-finger to make your changes and adjustments. Use this functionality to cue music, pitch bending, mixing, temp adjustment, and plenty more. Because of the way the app works your sound chain won't be affected as it doesn't mess with the audio routing. It should be noted that wireless audio monitoring is not offered.

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This is one of those apps that works as a solution and once you start using it there's a good chance you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

Discover all the conveniences this app offers
Discover all the conveniences this app offers

Wireless DJ


Pros and Cons


  • The app works with any MIDI-enabled DJ software
  • Uses touch functionality to mix, adjust, cue, and all other features
  • There is no need for expensive MIDI controllers
  • The app is able to connect with the wireless network your computer is using


  • Some users would like to see more features and tools added

Wireless DJ
Wireless DJ

Final Words

The Wireless DJ app for your iPad can work as a very convenient solution for DJs looking for improved functionality when it comes to their equipment. This app can save you plenty of time, money, and hassle and is very simple to use.


Wireless DJ

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